Triple Helix Constitution

Volume no. 699 Folder no. 511


of the Association known as “Triple Helix Association”, with its headquarters in Turin.


In the year two thousand and nine, on the ninth day of the month of July.
In Turin, in a room on the third floor of Via Roma no. 366.
Before me, Mr. Giuseppe Molino, Notary Public in Piossasco, a member of the Board of Notaries of the Joint Districts of Turin and Pinerolo;

the following persons are present:

– Prof. Riccardo VIALE, born in Turin on December 31, 1952, domiciled in Turin, Via Bonelli no. 8;
– Ms Anna MEREU, born in Turin on April 21, 1969, domiciled in Turin, Via Filadelfia no. 255.
Said persons, Italian nationals of whose personal identity I the Notary am certain, ask me to receive this deed, in which they declare, agree and stipulate as follows:


An association to be known as the “Triple Helix Association”, which may be abbreviated as “THA”, is established by Prof. Riccardo VIALE and Ms Anna MEREU.


The Association shall have its headquarters in Turin, Corso Giulio Cesare no. 4 bis/b.


The Association shall have the following purpose.
(1) To support the studies generated by interaction between universities, business and government that aims to promote research and innovation.
(2) The principal purpose of the THA is to promote and disseminate scientific findings regarding all aspects of the Triple Helix of university-industry-government relations.
(3) In order to pursue its purpose, the Association intends:
(a) to organise and fund international symposia of particular scientific interest;
(b) to promote international exchange between scholars operating in the areas of study that are of interest to the THA;
(c) to promote the publication of the results of research obtained through cooperation with the THA and through symposia organised by the THA;
(d) to promote the publication of an academic journal and of other media in order to achieve the Association’s purpose;
(e) to give honours and awards for significant achievements in the specific areas of interest to the THA;
(f) to promote the training of students, teachers and professional figures in the areas of interest to the Association;
(g) to promote the translation of academic models into practice and similarly of practical problems into research topics;
(4) Membership is open to all points of view and all methods of enquiry.
(5) The THA is international and welcomes among its members scholars and persons from all over the world who are interested in the studies and research performed and their practical application.


The first operating year of the Association shall close on December 31, 2009.


The Association is regulated by the Articles of Association, which have been read to the persons present by myself the Notary and signed by the persons present and by myself the Notary, and are annexed to this deed, of which they are a substantial, integral part, under letter “A”.


The persons appearing before me appoint the following as Founder Members: Henry Etzkowitz, Loet Leydesdorff. Josè Mello, Girma Zawdie and Wong Poh Kam.


All costs relating to and arising from the present deed shall be borne by the Association. As requested, I the Notary receive this deed, written in part by myself and in part by a person in my trust, both by hand and by mechanical means, on approximately three pages of a sheet of paper, read to the parties by myself and signed at fifteen minutes after six o’clock in the evening.

Signed in the original:
Riccardo Viale
Anna Mereu
Giuseppe Molino, Notary