Webinar – Building resilience in German cities: improving governance, mitigating risk

18th of May 6 pm


Objective of the Webinar
Present an integrated perspective for climate protection and adaptation in German cities through smart technological and social solutions

Expected outcomes
Understand the complex issue of climate-resilient cities and risk-mitigation

Target audience
City administrators, members of civil society organizations, everybody interested in sustainability in urban solutions


Talk 1 title Climate adaptation in German cities


Main contents Obstacles of German cities concerning climate adaptation due to urban governance including political willingness, the structure of administrations and city budget; how cities have to cope with the enormous number of input and guidelines; definition of governance and resilience; presentation of the German project SMARTilience with its urban governance toolbox a with possible technological and social solution tools e.g. inter-departmental working groups, geodata information dashboards, shadowing in city administrations etc.


Speaker Short bio
Natalie Pfau-Weller is a research assistant at the Fraunhöffer Institute for Industrial Engineering and Organization and works on the BMBF project SMARTilience. Her research focuses on urban governance, sustainable urban development and climate change adaptation.
She studied German, Hispanology and Political Science. Her doctoral thesis is entitled “Do EU measures contribute to making German cities more sustainable?” As city councilor in her hometown, she understands very well the processes within a German city.


Talk 2 title How peer-to-peer can contribute to a more resilient city


Main contents Presentation of Peer-to-peer learning of the German project SMARTilience, learning from projects as KOKOS, KOPHIS and Rebeka concerning resilience, in those projects research has worked with the public and third sector to optimize crisis and disaster management and strengthen cooperation between the various stakeholders to help increase the safety of cities and their populations. One focus lies on opportunities that digitalization, information and communication technologies provide.


Speaker Short Bio

Rebecca Nell is a research assistant in the Urban Data and Resilience team at the Fraunhöffer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO. The focus of her research work is on improving the resilience processes of authorities and organizations (BOS) with security tasks as well as other civil society actors. She is also involved in the conception of sustainable business models for urban and district development, such as in the SMARTilience project.

Rebecca Nell completed her studies at the University of Stuttgart in the subjects of social sciences and empirical political and social research and wrote her thesis on “Organizational structures of external crisis communication in German civil protection” and the organizational changes due to the use of social media.


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