It is broadly acknowledged that while EU policies are well appreciated, they most often fail to deliver to their full potential on the ground. The project entitled “Boosting the European integration process in a time of crisis through the Triple Helix: strengthening the delivery of EU policies for growth and jobs” (HLX4EU) will seek to improve the delivery of three key EU policies in the real world through the concept, method and approach of the Triple Helix.  These policies are:

(a) Reforming the higher education institutions (HEIs) through social responsibility and entrepreneurship (HEIs in this respect could be well playing the role of efficient innovators and multipliers of the key concepts that build together the European ideal);

(b) Boosting innovation and entrepreneurship, supporting the business growth strategies of the European Commission (in particular young innovative SMEs)

(c) Supporting the European Commission strategies on smart specialisation for a place-based innovative regional development, boosting growth and jobs.

The Triple Helix Association (THA) believes that boosting the dialogue among the key players of the societal progress process (universities, businesses and government together with the broader civil society) helps better identify problems, engage a frank and creative mutual learning process and inspire practical and tangible solutions. This dialogue can thus result in identifying new ways for boosting key European Union policies on the ground.

The project will consist of desk research (literature review and synthesis), connected with a consistent set of 3 main workshops that will be completed with relevant webinars, resulting into a set of policy recommendations for improving EU policy making and implementation.


Consult the project Executive Summary & syntesis of the findings.