Editorial welcome

With the advent of the new academic year we welcome you to the Autumn issue of the Triple Helix Association Newsletter – Hélice.

In this issue we present interesting articles on the application and utilization of the Triple Helix model in different national and policy contexts.

The Triple Helix has been a popular concept amongst academics, policymakers, and practitioners, for the framing of university, industry, and government relations in a simple and straightforward way. While it is indeed true that the innovation process is very complex, evolution over time due to the complicated relationship between multiple variables and inputs, the interactions between university, industry, and government, remain the kernel elements of any innovation policy and process.

We discuss the Triple Helix theme by presenting papers on A Sleeping Giant: the Triple Helix Approach for effective International Cooperation for Development (Danilo Piaggesi, Dianne Davis, and Walter Castlenovo); Ecosystems of Triple Collaboration (Gote Nyman); The University in National Development: theoretical perspectives on a Second Academic Transformation, linked to a Third Capitalist Industrial Revolution and the ’Missing’ Idea of a Quadruple Helix (David Cooper), and Indonesia International Institute for Life-Sciences: i3L (Niclas Adler). We would like to thank the authors for their thought-provoking contributions.

In President’s Corner, Henry Etzkowitz together with Emanuela Todeva further discuss the evolution of the Triple Helix and its intellectual basis, through their article entitled: The Triple Helix as a Highly Charged Intellectual Enterprise.

We encourage you to share your reflections with the authors, and help sustain and extend the innovative dialogue in Hélice.

With the imminent publication of the ‘Triple Helix Journal’ (THJ) in 2014 by Springer Open, covering University-Industry Government Innovation and Entrepreneur ship, we have pleasure in announcing a ’Call for Papers’ for [a] the Inaugural Issue on Innovation’s Future, and [b] a Special Issue on The Spatial Dimension of Innovation: Triple Helix and the City.

The procedure for the forthcoming Triple Helix Association Election of Officers is also published here. All THA members are reminded that they should cast their vote during the voting period. Voting will be conducted via the Internet from 1-15 November 2013. London was the venue for the XIth International Triple Helix Association Conference held from 7-10 July 2013, with the theme ‘The Triple Helix in a Context of Global Change: Continuing, Mutating or Unravelling? The event proved to be yet another interesting and informative meeting. We would like to thank the organizers, and all those who participated in the Conference. As the next issue of Hélice will be dedicated to the London Conference, we invite your contributions on the subject.

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We wish you a successful academic year and a warm and colourful autumn.

Devrim Goktepe-Hulten (Editor in Chief)
Sheila Forbes (Managing Editor)

September 2013