Triple Helix Journal: Call for Papers Special Issue

Triple Helix: a Journal of University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship (THJ)

Published by Springer Open in 2014

Special Issue – “The Spatial Dimension of Innovation: Triple Helix and the City”

Horizon 2020, the next European Framework programme will target technology, regional and urban innovation, and reopen the discussion on the old nexus of innovation and space when addressing the smart city as an integrative concept for interdisciplinary knowledge creation and capacity building.

The world is experimenting with innovation models. China is changing development zones to clusters in order to upgrade the economy, Germany reopens a new discussion on governance in innovation, and Africa might benefit from these new approaches to innovation and contribute to the debate in a new way. A pattern connecting these innovation models will have to link technological and social innovation as well as different types of spatial transformations (e.g. urban and regional). Innovation policy faces organizational challenges when embracing the idea of space.

New forms of interaction and governance between innovative industries, intergovernmental policies, and universities and other knowledge producing institutions, have an impact on the social and physical transformation of cities and metropolitan areas. Synthesizing insights from megacity research, sustainability science, and innovation and cluster policy, the spatial dimension of technological and social innovation will be the focus of this special issue.

We will welcome papers on “Triple Helix and the City” focussing on:

  • Innovative approaches for managing urban and regional transformation such as smart growth strategies; “syntegration”; cross-sectoral, transdisciplinary urban transition management.
  • Interdisciplinary case studies and best practices in social urban innovation, new innovation models (“post-Baconian”?), and their institutional implications.
  • The specific role of global and local finance (for infrastructures, urban and rural transformation, systemic risks …).

The special issue will integrate the current discussion on social and/or technological innovation into the Triple Helix debate.


Dr Christiane Gebhardt, Triple Helix Association / associated to the University of Heidelberg, Germany, *email address protected*
Professor Dr Harald A Mieg, Metropolitan Studies Group, Institute of Geography – Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, *email address protected*