Future Meetings

Future Meetings Committee

The Future Meetings Committee of the Triple Helix Association has been formed to stimulate submissions for organizing events, most importantly the flagship conference – the Triple Helix International Conference, and, if required, to assess competing bids against a known set of criteria.

The specific role of the Committee is:

• To stimulate and encourage proposals for future meetings
• To suggest a structure for proposal bids
• To set criteria for selection of proposals
• To review and assess proposals
• To recommend future meetings to THA Board.

Note that the event in Stanford was the IXth Triple Helix International conference. The composition of the Committee includes the following:

Tariq S Durrani (Chair)
Henry Etzkowitz (Ex-Officio)
Sheila Forbes
Magnus Klofsten
Jose Mello
Loet Leydesdorff
Marina Ranga

Bidding for a Conference

The Assessment Process for the bids received for the Triple Helix conference comprises the following steps:

• The closing date for submission of Bids is 30 November. Immediately after that, the Bids are sent to the Committee for review.
• Objective responses are sought from the Committee through a questionnaire seeking scores against weighted criteria; while subjective responses are included as comments to Assessment.
• A face-to-face meeting is held at the following Triple Helix Conference, where all proposers are invited to make a presentation, and answer queries from the Committee. Based on this information the Committee comes to a decision to select a specific bid for the Triple Helix conference.
• The Committee then makes a recommendation to the THA Board for presentation at General Assembly. The General Assembly then approves the Recommendation.

The Committee use a set of objective criteria to assess competing bids. The elements of the criteria include the following aspects:

The quality of the proposed conference management and past experience; the novelty of the theme and technical programme structure; the attractiveness of the location including ease of access; the appeal of the social programme; the level of sponsorship sought; the robustness of the Conference Budget; and the quality and variety of delegate accommodation.

Triple Helix – 2014

At the 2011 meeting of the Committee in Stanford, a recommendation was made to accept a bid to hold the 2014 Conference in Tomsk, Russia, which was accepted by the THA General Assembly.

The Conference Chair is Professor Alexander Uvarov, Vice-Rector, Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics.


The location for the Conference is spread between the Tomsk Region Administration Building and the Tomsk Regional Universal Pushkin Library.

The Conference Theme is:

Innovation Next: Searching for the Driving Forces

The Conference dates are:

10 – 12 September 2014


Triple Helix – 2012

The 2012 Triple Helix X International Conference will be held at:

Grand Royal Penghagar Hotel

Grand Royal Penghagar Hotel
West Java

08 – 10 August 2012

The main theme of the Conference is: “Emerging Triple Helix Models for Developing Countries: From Conceptualization to Implementation” and the sub themes are:

• Strengthening national innovation policies in developing countries
• Building infrastructure
• Success stories in enhancing the relevance of the Triple Helix Model

For the call for papers and more information about the event, visit the conference website: www.th2012.org, or on the Triple Helix Association website: www.triplehelxiassociation.org.

Please note that the closing date for submission of Abstracts has been extended to 10 February 2012

I look forward to seeing you in Bandung.

Tariq S Durrani
Chair of Future Meetings Committee
*email address protected*