New Initiatives

Triple Helix Chapters

Little by little the Triple Helix Association is consolidating. We already have a well-designed executive office, a dynamic website, and we have launched the TH Newsletter, Hélice. We understand that the strength of an association lies in the strength of its membership, therefore, we aim to attract the largest possible number of people and organizations interested in the Triple Helix theme.

More than the membership, it is important to create activities that strengthen the permanent involvement of our affiliates. Like other international associations, the THA would like to offer members the possibility to participate in activities organized at national and international level by the association to promote and strengthen the Triple Helix theme, but also in activities organized in the members’ country of residence, by the members themselves.

The THA Chapter regulations has been developed by the THA Membership Committee and approved by the THA Board, and are available on the THA website (

In order to realize this objective, applications for the creation of a THA Chapter are most welcome. All interested parties are invited to submit a written proposal to the Chair of the Triple Helix Membership Committee for formal evaluation. Proposals should specify the following:

• Level of representation (national, multi-national)
• Legal entity representing the THA Chapter, address and contact details
• Proposed structure of the THA Chapter (leader, secretary, officers, estimated initial number of members, both as individuals and as institutions)
• THA Chapter mission
• Overview of planned activities for an initial two-year period, highlighting benefits to the local/regional/national community and to the THA
• An estimated budget required to implement these activities and possible sources of funding.

Professor José Manoel Carvalho de Mello
Chair of Triple Helix Membership Committee
*email address protected*


Triple Helix Ambassadors

The Triple Helix Association plans to designate Triple Helix Ambassadors with the aim of increasing the public awareness, visibility and understanding of Triple Helix issues, as well as inspiring broad, positive and committed action in support of these issues.

Individuals who are designated to serve as Triple Helix Ambassadors should meet the following criteria:

• Have national and international professional recognition in the scientific, business and/or government fields, particularly in the innovation, scientific research, technological development, technology transfer, entrepreneurship, venture capital and other Triple Helix-relevant policy and practice areas. Other fields with significant social and cultural impact (e.g. science diplomacy, media, particularly innovation journalism, etc.) may also be considered;
• Be persons of integrity who demonstrate strong desire and capacity to help mobilize public interest in, and support for, the purposes and principles of Triple Helix interactions, and who demonstrate the commitment and proven potential to reach out to significant audiences, including decision-makers;
• Possess the personality and authority required for such highlevel representative capacity;
• Normally be influential beyond their national borders, thus having the ability to promote the Triple Helix values internationally;
• Be knowledgeable about Triple Helix theoretical and practical goals and activities and be able to articulate them.

If you are interested in becoming a designated Triple Helix Ambassador, please refer to the THA website ( for further details.

Applications should be submitted to:

Daniela Italia
THA Secretary General
Triple Helix Secretariat
*email address protected*