Hélice Issue 3

Summer Greetings! Towards the final days of this academic year, we would like to welcome you to the third issue of the Triple Helix Association Newsletter – Hélice. Hélice is distributed quarterly to over 1550 scholars, practitioners, and policy-makers, and is reaching organizations, universities, and public research establishments.  Thank you all for your interest and input in making Hélice a cooperative and interactive environment. At Hélice we welcome your feedback, comments, critiques, additions or alternative opinions, as well as reflections on any published articles.  If you have working papers, short articles, or news about ongoing or prospective projects, we would be delighted to consider them for inclusion in future issues. In this issue we are pleased to present articles from (a) Marty Beard and Tapan Munroe on “America’s Extraordinary Economic Opportunity”, the Mobility-Social Network Nexus, (b) Henry Etzkowitz, on “Beyond the “Male Model”: an Alternative Female Model of Science, Technology and Innovation” and (c) Danilo Piaggesi reflects on the “The International Conference on Information Systems and Technology Management and the new initiative, ICT 4 DEV”. We also bring news of an exciting Triple Helix Workshop on “Building the Entrepreneurial University”, organized by the Triple Helix Research Group at the H-STAR Institute, to be held at Stanford University on 12-16 November 2012, and we hope that those interested will take advantage of this opportunity. It is with pleasure that we announce our newly appointed regional correspondents: Tapan Munroe, Hélice Silicon Valley Region; Danilo Piaggesi,  Hélice Latin America Region; and Guilherme Ary Plonski,  Hélice Brazilian Region.  We are pleased to welcome them on board, and if you would like to  represent your region, please feel free to contract Devrim Göktepe-Hultén or Sheila Forbes.   In addition to our usual section on Publications,  and recognizing that it is difficult to publish, let alone receive feedback from academic journals in a timely manner – the THA is pleased to initiate the “THA Working Papers Series” – WPS, which will provide scholarly dissemination of academic papers and convey them to a wide and knowledgeable readership to provide further feedback and comments. As Editors of  Hélice, we appreciate your time and interest in receiving news from the Triple Helix Association. We encourage you to share your reflections to sustain and extend the innovative dialogue that  Hélice  is initiating, and invite you to contribute to this effort. For further information, and for publication in  Helice, please contact Devrim Göktepe-Hultén at *email address protected*, or Sheila Forbes at *email address protected*. We wish you a pleasant and enjoyable Summer, and look forward to seeing you at the Triple Helix Annual Conference in Bandung, Indonesia, on 08-10 August 2012.

America’s Extraordinary Economic Opportunity
Marty Beard, Dr Tapan Munroe
The meteoric rise of both high-speed mobile technologies and social networks has spawned the most innovative time in the history of technology. In particular, the combination of mobile broadband, as embodied in smart phones and tablet devices, and social networking tools, as embodied in services such as Facebook…

Beyond the “Male Model”: An alternative Female  Model of Science, Technology and Innovation
Henry Etzkowitz
I am often asked: why is a man studying women in science? The answer to that question is: my mother. She graduated with high honors in Geology from Hunter College, a public women’s college in New York City during the 1930’s depression.

The Triple Helix Approach broadens the 9th  CONTECSI’s Objectives by presenting the  ‘Knowledge Economy’ Best Practices, and the  ‘Information and Communication Technology  For Development (ICT 4DEV) New Track
Danilo Piaggesi
The International Conference on Information Systems and Technology Management – CONTECSI, is a groundbreaking event focusing on information systems, information technology and information science under a multidisciplinary view that aims at bringing together academicians and practitioners involved in management and research issues for a state-of-the-artdiscussion among international speakers, professors and researchers.






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