First THA Chapter comes to life in Tomsk, Russia

The  THA  Membership  Committee  is pleased  to  announce  the  approval  of the  first  THA  Chapter,  to  be established  in  Russia  under  the coor dinat ion  of  Tomsk  Stat e University  of  Control  Systems  and Radioelectronics  (TUSUR)  University, Tomsk,  for  an  initial  two-year  period: September  2012-September  2014, with  the  possibility  of  renewal  for subsequent two-year periods.

The  Russian  THA  Chapter  will  take active  leadership  in  fostering  national and  regional  economic  development through  the  application  of  the  Triple Helix  principles,  building  a  national representation  of  the  THA,  and Helix players in Russia and around the world.   The  Chapter  will  take  on  an educational  role  to  increase  the awareness and understanding of Triple Helix issues.

TUSUR University, the coordinator of the  Russian Chapter,  is  a  top  Russian university  of  technology  striving  to become  the  first  entrepreneurial university  in  the  country.  The university  promotes  interdisciplinary r esear ch  and  en t r epr eneur ial education, has a developed innovation infrastructure, joint R&D projects with industry, and is the core of the Tomsk Regional Innovation IT and Electronics cluster.

It  leads  an  Association  of  high-tech firms and has an extensive regional and national  network  of  universities, institutions,  professional  and  business associations.   It  is  a  member  of  the Russian Association of Entrepreneurial Universities,  and  is  ranked  in  the  top ten  universities  in  Russia  in  terms  of i n n o va t i v e  t e ch n o l o g i es  a n d entrepreneurship indicators.

We  wish  the  Russian  THA  Chapter lots  of  success,  and  hope  their example will stimulate applications for setting up Chapters in other countries. For further information, please contact Dr  Marina  Ranga,  Chair  THA Membership  Committee  at *email address protected*.  Details regarding  the  application  procedure are available at the THA

THA Book Review Section Launched

Hélice  is  pleased  to  announce  the launch  of  a  new  section,  the  Book Review Section.

The  Section  will  provide  an  overview of  newly  published  books  in  the science and technology area, including books  that  address  theoretical approaches and case studies on Triple Helix,  innovation,  and  the entrepreneurial university.

Publishers will provide reviewers with a  free  copy  of  books  on  request. Reviews  should  be  700-1100  words, and  include  author(s)  details,  book title,  publication  date,  name  of publisher,  number  of  pages,  cost, ISBN, and references cited, as well as the reviewer’s name and institution.

Helice  is  currently  seeking  reviewers for the published work: Innovation:  Key  to  America’s

Prosperity  and  Job  Growth  by Tapan Munroe  and  John  Ahlquist,  2012, CreateSpace.

If you are interested in reviewing this book,  and  can  complete  the  review within  a  four-month  period  fromreceipt of the book; please contact Dr Mariza Almeida, Book Review Section Editor at (*email address protected*). Please  include a brief (one  paragraph) indication  of  your  background  and current research interests.