The Working Paper Series (WPS) is a new initiative of the Triple Helix Association. The idea is to promote and debate Triple Helix research beyond the standard Triple Helix international conferences. The WPS provides a forum for papers that are not yet ready for peer-review, but deemed good enough to generate debate and point to new directions. The aim is to provide insightful comments to author(s))) prior to the paper being sent for publication.

Interested authors should email their papers in a ‘word document’ file to Dr James Dzisah [*email address protected*] for review.

The papers must not to be cited without the express written permission of the author(s).

Triangulation of the Triple Helix: a conceptual framework (WP 1 2013)

This research aims to develop a conceptual model of triangulation of the triple helix explaining and understanding the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship within the dynamics interaction of the triple helix as a factor of competitiveness and regional development …..

A Sleeping Giant (sWP 2 2012 )

In the present knowledge society, we are experiencing a convergence and crossing-over of three worlds which were previously separated: public research, business and governments; this convergence is represented by the Triple Helix model. It refers to a spiral model of innovation that captures multiple reciprocal relationships among institutional settings (public, private and cademic) at different stages in the capitalization …..

Silicon Valley – The Sustainability of an Innovative Region (WP 1_2012)

An entrepreneurially oriented educational institution that transfers existing knowledge and/or creates new knowledge has the capacity to generate significant economic growth. This is the case of Stanford University, which had a key role in the development of Silicon Valley, reinforced by government support that made it possible for the region to become a world innovation …..

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