Launch Lunch for Triple Helix Journal  l-r: Barbara Fess, Springer; Henry Etzkowitz, President of THA;  Christiane Gebhardt, Chair, THA Journal Committee

Launch Lunch for Triple Helix Journal
l-r: Barbara Fess, Springer; Henry Etzkowitz, President of THA;
Christiane Gebhardt, Chair, THA Journal Committee

















Dear Colleagues and FriendsWe are delighted to inform you that contractual arrangements have been successfully agreed between the Triple Helix Association (THA) and TUSUR University, Tomsk, in cooperation and with full THA editorial control, and between THA and SPRINGER, to publish Triple Helix: A Journal of University-IndustryGovernment Innovation and Entrepreneurship(THJ). The THJ will launch in 2014 as an open access, on-line publication, free to all individuals and universities, and to “bronze level” firm and government THA members.

An open call for the Inaugural issue on “Innovation’s Future” will appear in the September 2013 issue of Helice, and will be available shortly on the THA website, and in hard-copy at the THA booth: THXI 8-10 July 2013. Key people in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship fields will be invited to contribute as well.

Henry Etzkowitz has accepted to serve as Acting Editor-in-Chief. Christiane Gebhardt, Chair of the THA Journal Committee; Riccardo Viale, Editor of Mind and Society; Chunyan Zhou, Editor of the Journal of Knowledge Innovation in China; and Loet Leydesdorff, co-founder of the Triple Helix movement, have agreed to be Associate Editors.

Anne Rocha Perazzo, Editor-in-Chief of Social Science Information (Paris), has accepted to be THJ’s Managing Editor, and members of the current THA Executive Committee have been invited to serve as the founding Editorial Board.

More than twenty leading innovation scholars and practitioners have accepted to be members of THJ’s Expert Advisory Board, covering a broad range of subject matters and geographical areas.

A Distinguished Advisory Board has been established with Carlotta Perez, UK and Estonia, and Hebe Vessuri, Venezuela, as initial members. A “Junior” Editorial Board is “in organization” with the initial invitee, the winner of the Bandung THX student best paper competition, to be followed by the first and second prize holders at THXI, London.

As you may know, the General Assembly of the THA Singapore Conference authorized the establishment of our Journal in 2006. There has been a general vote for Springer, after a global procurement and assessment process carried out by the Executive Committee members, and managed by Christiane Gebhardt. We look forward to additional language versions in due course. THJ abstracts will appear with each article in the five official United Nations languages as well as Portuguese.

We pledge to renew the theme of THIV (Copenhagen and Lund) 2002 “Breaking Boundaries and Building Bridges.”

THJ welcomes contributions from acrossthe various theoretical, methodological, policy, and practice communities. There is work ahead of us to achieve international recognition and impact, but we are now starting off with Springer as a strong brand, and rely on our large pool of academic excellence in the Triple Helix community for contributions as well as from colleagues across cognate fields of research and practice.

This is a moment to celebrate and take stock of a milestone achievement in the development of the THA and the Triple Helix movement.

Skol, L’chaim, Prost, Salute, Santé, Cheers!

Henry Etzkowitz

Christiane Gebhardt
Chair, Journal Committee

Daniela Italia
Secretary General