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With the advent of the new academic year we welcome you to the Autumn issue of the Triple Helix Association Newsletter – Hélice.
In this issue we present interesting articles on the application and utilization of the Triple Helix model in different national and policy contexts. Read more….

President’s Corner

The Triple Helix as a Highly Charged Intellectual Enterprise
Henry Etzkowitz and (Guest Author) Emanuela Todeva
The Triple Helix Association’s recent practice of out-sourcing conference management to external, as well as internal, groups has brought new resources, ideas and people into the Triple Helix orbit.

Triple Helix Scientific News

A Sleeping Giant:  the Triple Helix Approach for effective International Cooperation for Development
Danilo Piaggesi, Dianne Davis and Walter Castelnovo
In the present knowledge society, we are experiencing a convergence and crossing-over of three worlds which were previously separated: public research, business and governments; this convergence is represented by the Triple Helix model.

Ecosystems of Triple Collaboration
Gote Nyman
Why not give a spark of new life to the university-business collaboration by erecting an impressive research and development center of a global company in the middle of a classical university campus?

The University in National Development: Theoretical Perspectives on a Second Academic Transformation, linked to a Third Capitalist Industrial Revolution and the ‘Missing’ Idea of a Quadruple Helix
David Cooper
For almost a decade after 2000, I tracked the development of eleven ‘application-oriented’ research groups at South African universities in the Western Cap.

Indonesia International Institute for Life-Sciences : i3L
Niclas Adler
In recent years, globalisation has impacted business and society significantly and in varied ways, bringing opportunities and challenges to many countries.
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THA News and Announcements

Triple Helix International Conference 2014: Date For Your Diary

CALL FOR PAPER for the Inaugural Issue – “Innovation’s future” of the Triple Helix Journal (THJ)

CALL FOR PAPER for the Special Issue – “The Spatial Dimension of Innovation: Triple Helix and the City”
CALL FOR PAPER for the Special Issue on “Triple Helix Innovation in the EU New Member States and Candidate Countries: Catching Up, Muddling Through, Forging Ahead?”, International Journal of Transitions and Innovation Systems

Two new THA Chapter established in Brazil and Greece

The THA Membership and Strategy Committee is pleased to announce the establishment of two new THA Chapters, one in Brazil (July 2013), under the coordination of ANPROTEC, and the other in Greece (August 2013), under the coordination of the South East European Research Centre.

Triple Helix Association Election Procedure

THA Executive Committee Minutes Sunday July 7th 2013

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E-Government Implementation and Practice in Developing Countries Read more
Industry and Higher Education Read more


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Etzkowitz, H and Dzisah J. (2013) Bottom-up Triple Helix: science policy in the states of the USA. Journal of Knowledge-based Innovation in China 5. Read more

ИНСИТУЦИОНАЛЬНОЕ МОДЕЛИРОВАНИЕ ИННОВАЦИОННОГО РАЗВИТИЯ: ОТ ТРОЙНОЙ К N-СПИРАЛЯМ translated by Marina Leonova; Conference “Marketing and Society,” Kazan, 2013 Read more

Goel, R K and Göktepe-Hultén, D. Industrial interactions and academic patenting: evidence from German scientists. Economics and Innovation and New Technology (2013)
Read more

Goel, R K and Göktepe-Hultén, D. Nascent entrepreneurship and inventive activity: a somewhat new perspective. J Technol Transf (2013) Read more

Ivanova, I and Leydesdorff, L. (2013) Redundancy generation in University-Industry-Government relations: The Triple Helix modeled, measured, and simulated. Read more

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