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Welcome to the Fall edition of the Triple Helix Association Magazine: Hélice, volume vol 3, no3, September 2014.

The Twelfth Annual THA Conference was held on 11-13 September 2014 in Tomsk, Siberia, Russia, and was organized by TUSUR University, and the National Research Tomsk State University.  This year’s event proved to be as interesting and stimulating as ever, with lively panels and workshops showcasing experts in their fields of research.  As well as being located in various great Tomsk educational and governmental establishments, a lively and highly entertaining social programme made the Tomsk event most memorable.

Details on the Proceedings at Tomsk are given in the Special Report which has been prepared for us by Evgeniy Perevodchikov, as well as formal and less formal observations on the Conference and Tomsk from the perspective of a delegate by Anttiheikki Helenius.

Selected technical papers on The integration of Tomsk as a Siberian technical-innovation region into the economic global system: Russian Government strategy, obstacles for the market development and the local specificity of the “Siberian Athens (Elena Litsareva), and Industrial R&D as a key to innovativeness?: Polish experiences (Andrzej H Jasinski), are also included in this issue.

Henry Etzkowitz in the President’s Corner discusses: Entrepreneurial University at Risk?, and calls for discussion/debate on this salient topic in future issues of Helice.  We very much look forward to receiving your contributions on the subject..

We are pleased to announce details of our fourth Chapter, the South Asia Triple Helix Chapter (SATHA), established in Pakistan, which comprises eight South Asian countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan.

Information is included on the new THA Webinar series, and our recently appointed Helice Magazine Book Editor, Professor Branca Terra, State University of Rio de Janeiro; and as regular columns, information is given on New Members, Call for Papers, as well as THA News, and Members News.

The final item covered in this issue is the Call for Paper for the XIII Triple Helix Annual International Conference.  The 2015 event will be hosted by Tsinghau University in Beijing, China, and promises to be something special.  Please note the dates in your diary.

As always, the Hélice Editorial Board is interested in hearing from you, and invites you to consider editing a speciel issue of Hélice as a guest editor(s), or organizing a Triple Helix event.

Your comments on Hélice are most welcome.

We can be contacted by email at: *email address protected*, and sheila.forbes @strath.ac.uk.

We especially look forward to receiving some interesting essays from the members of our new South Asia Chapter.


Devrim Goktepe-HultenSheila Forbes

Devrim Goktepe-Hulten
(Editor in Chief)
Sheila Forbes
(Managing Editor)

September 2015


Triple Helix XIII, Beijing, Call for Papers

President’s Corner
Entrepreneurial University at Risk?

Special Report

Triple Helix XII Conference  11-13 October 2014

Observations on the Triple Helix Conference in Tomsk: From More Formal to Less Formal
Anttiheikki Helenius
Observations on the Triple Helix International Conference XII in Tosmk, Russia, are the topic of that essay.  Triple Helix activities focus on the cooperation of academia, entrepreneurship, and government – a theme much discussed worldwide… 

The Integration of Tomsk as a Siberian Technical-Innovation Region into the Economic Global System: Russian Government Strategy, obstacles for the Market development and the Local Specificity of the “Siberian Athens”
Elena Litsareva
This article will examine the priorities of the Russian Government economic strategy and investigate the possibilities for the Tomsk region to integrate into the global market and economy from the perspective of SWOT – analysis, strengths/opportunities (benefits); weaknesses/threats (problems).

Industrial R&D as a Key to Innovativeness? : Polish Experiences
Andrzej H Jasinski
This paper approaches the role of industrial R&D in the development in the Polish economy’s innovativeness in 2006-2012.  A general picture of the present situation in technological innovation in Poland is presented with a special emphasis put on the condition of R&D in industrial firms.


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