The International Network for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (INSME) is a private non-for-profit Association established in 2004, aiming at fostering transnational cooperation and public and private partnerships among economic players and intermediaries, to help bridge the innovation and knowledge gap for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). INSME currently includes 99 members in 44 countries in 4 continents: 18 governmental bodies, 19 international organizations, 8 international NGOs, and representatives of 53 networks and intermediaries acting in the field of innovation and technology transfer to SMEs. The Association was sponsored by the Italian Government from 2004 to 2011, and enjoys OECD’s moral sponsorship. Its Secretariat is based in Rome.
INSME offers a wide range of services to its members including: access to expertise and knowledge sharing; cross border matchmaking and networking/partnering support; international events’ organization and annual meetings; tailor-made innovation support and funding access advice; thematic international trainings; promotion and marketing of members activities; and country study visits.

INSME organizes Annual Meetings around the globe with the support of its members and partners in selected countries. The March 2014 event took place in Abu Dhabi with the topic “Investing in Innovation: Building a Sustainable Knowledge-based Economy” (information is available at, while the 2015 event on “Technology and Innovation for Inclusive Growth” will take place in South Africa.

Added value for Members is the newly established INSME Academy, a webinar-based platform offering expert workshops on a monthly basis on entrepreneurial spirit, investment attraction, venture capital, social innovation, sustainability and innovation management,

INSME also offers classroom training and hosts international sessions on SME benchmarking and Eco-system building during its Annual Meetings. The International Training session of the 10th INSME Annual Meeting focused on Innovation, Sustainability and Design, Commercialization of Research and Efficient Communication (
INSME is particularly active in promoting and diffusing Members’ activities through different online services such as: the INSME Monthly Newsletter, distributed to over 19,000 readers worldwide and also issued in Spanish; the INSME Alert system: personalized email alerts to Members covering selected thematic and geographical priorities; the INSMEblog a space to share, develop and discuss ideas, projects, hints and visions on innovation for the benefit of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Representative: Christin Pfeiffer, Secretary General, *email address protected*


North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina
United States
*email address protected*
Denis O Gray is Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor, Psychology in the Public Interest Program, Psychology Department, North Carolina State University. For the past two decades he has led a unique, multi-faceted ‘improvement-focused’ evaluation of the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) longest-running cooperative research center program, the Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers (IUCRC). His scholarly books include: Cooperative research centers and technical innovation: Government policies, industry strategies and organizational dynamics, Springer Publishing (co-editor); Innovation U: New university roles in a knowledge economy (co-author); Managing the industry/university cooperative research center (senior editor), and Technological innovation: Strategies for a new partnership (senior editor).
Areas of interest in TH research
Cooperative research centers; evaluation and metrics; public policy

741 Desaulniers Gatineau
Quebec J8R 1H3 Canada
*email address protected*
Research activities: analysis of a domain of the Cameroonian knowledge production, transformation, transfer and utilization. The domain of interest is the research dedicated to the peasant and their links with major agricultural projects. These analyses are a complement to the curriculum analysis of two African universities published in 2002. Previous scholarly activities: morphologic and molecular taxonomy of ciliates of opalines (endosymbiotic protozoon). Teaching at various levels (secondary schools in Cameroon, universities in Cameroon and Canada). Organization of a colloquium, seminars and an international conference to prepare the Cameroonian university reform launched in 1993. Vice-dean and subsequently Dean of the Faculty of Science, University of Yaoundé 1, Cameroon. Qualifications and Education: Licence de sciences naturelles (zoologie), Université de Yaoundé, Cameroun; CAPES de sciences biologiques, ENS, Université de Yaoundé; DES de biologie et physiologie animales, Université de Yaoundé; Doctorat d’État de biologie et physiologie animales, Université de Yaoundé; Maîtrise ès arts (éducation), Université d’Ottawa; Doctorat (PhD) en sciences de l’administration, Université Laval, Québec.
Areas of interest in TH research
Interactions between universities and research system-rural communities-government in low revenue countries.

Dr Helenius Consulting Hyvinkää Finland
*email address protected*
Attended school in Hyvinkää, Finland and for one year in Auckland, New Zealand. Academic degree: Diplom-Kaufmann, University of Hamburg, Germany Doctoral degree: Dr rer pol, University of Nuremberg-Erlangen, Germany. Post-doctoral activities: have presented papers in academic conferences at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, USA, at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass, USA, at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Russia, and at the Triple Helix Conference in Tomsk, Russia. Languages: Finnish (mother-tongue), English, and German very good, some knowledge of French, Swedish and other languages, basic knowledge in Russian. My nationality is Finnish, and I currently reside in Hyvinkää, Finland. Research interests: Schumpeterian evolutionary economics, Hayekian liberal tradition, entrepreneurship, international cooperation, transportation economics – especially shipping and air transportation, philosophy of science, etc.
Areas of interest in TH research
Innovation, entrepreneurship, networking, and Schumpeterian models

Tomsk State University Tomsk Russia
(affiliated to THA Chapter Russia)
*email address protected*
1983, diploma with honors majoring in: historian, teacher of history and civics. Tomsk State University; 1988, defense of dissertation: United States Policy towards the British in connection with repayment of war debts. 1923-1933 on conferring scholarly degree of candidate of historical sciences (“Contemporary world history”), Tomsk State University; 2006, defense of doctoral dissertation: The politics of the European Union countries and the Asia-Pacific region states in the area of economic integration. Mid-1970s, XX-XXI (historical-comparative study) obtained the degree of doctor of historical sciences (“Contemporary world history”).
Areas of interest in TH research
The main actors (Government, Market, Science) of scientific-technology and innovation policy.
Page 29
Vol 3, Issue 4, December 2014

Federal University of Pernambuco Recife Brazil
(affiliated to the THA Chapter Brazil
*email address protected*
Awarded a degree in Pharmacy from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE,) and has expertise as a Industrial Pharmacist also by UFPE. Obtained a Master’s degree by the Program of Post-Graduation in Therapeutic Innovation at the Federal University of Pernambuco. During his undergraduate and Master’s degrees he worked in the Planning Laboratory in Medicinal Chemistry (LpQM), Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Federal University of Pernambuco, in the area of organic chemistry with emphasis on planning, synthesis, purification, and characterization of molecules in order to obtain novel compounds candidates to be anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory drugs. He is currently a doctoral student on the Post Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Federal University of Pernambuco, where he works on issues related to energy and the chemical enhancement of biomass (pyrolysis and gasification) and in the catalytic enhancement of the co-product from the manufacture of biodiesel, glycerin, this obtained from processes of oxidation, acetylation and hydrogenolysis to produce molecules with higher added value to the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals. He has a interest in projects and research with the purpose of generating impact on society through technological innovation and has always been involved with the theme of innovation: capturing front resources from funding agencies, innovation project management, technology transfer and property intellectual. Today Especialization in Innovation Management – a partnership between the Government of the State of Pernambuco, FINEP and UFPE, aimed at training human resources to work with articulator between the Triple Helix: private company, government and university, in order to overcome the barriers preventing better interaction between these actors.
Areas of interest in TH research
Capturing front resources from funding agencies, innovation project management, technology transfer and intellectual property.

Dublin City University Dublin
*email address protected*
Areas of interest in TH research
Entrepreneurial and Enterprising Universities.

“Agrosoyuz” Innovative
Production Company Tomsk
(affiliated to the THA Chapter Russia)
*email address protected*
1971-1975: diploma with honors majoring in: specialist-soil scientist, Tomsk State University (Tomsk). 1975-1985: Head of the agrochemical laboratory. 1985-1991: Deputy Director of the Research Institute of Peat. 1991-2014: Director of the innovative-production company “Agrosoyuz”.
Areas of interest in TH research
Innovative development and biotechnology innovations

Tecnologico de Monterrey Guadalupe Mexico
*email address protected*
Dr Hector Gutiérrez is Associate Professor at Tecnológico de Monterrey where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and works as a Tutor-Coach advising technology-based entrepreneurs at the Business Incubator. In 2012, Dr Gutierrez was appointed leader of a new research chair in Corporate Entrepreneurship at ITESM Campus Monterrey, the first of its class in México. Dr Gutiérrez is President and founder of Gutierrez Consultores, a business consulting firm where he is involved in industrial marketing, business development, M&A analysis and strategic studies for major Mexican companies. He has completed more than 150 proprietary consulting assignments and has published twenty strategic business research reports. These multi-client studies provide industrial companies with market and business data to assist them in business development, diversification strategy, and future growth projections for a variety of industry sectors. Prior to founding Gutierrez Consultores, Dr Gutiérrez was associated with Industrias Aries, SA as Operations Manager where he was responsible for production, marketing, sales, and technical services for industrial coatings and other selected specialty chemicals. Before joining Aries, he was Planning and Development Manager at the Chemicals Division of Grupo Cydsa, SA. In that capacity, he was responsible for strategic analysis and new venture development at corporate level. Dr Gutiérrez holds a PhD from the University of London (Imperial College of Science and Technology), a MSc from University of Manchester, UMIST (England), and a BSc in chemical engineering from Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (Monterrey, México).
Areas of interests in TH research
Corporate entrepreneurship, academic entrepreneurship, innovation, technology-based spinoffs, and business strategy.

Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul
Porto Alegre Brazil
(affiliated to the THA Chapter Brazil)
*email address protected*
Graduated in Analysis of Information Systems from PUCRS (1983), Master in Information Systems from UFRGS (1990), specialist in Arts Management and Multimedia Technologies from PUCRJ and IBM (1992), and PhD in Information Systems from UFRGS (2001). Currently a full Professor at the Faculty of Computer Science and of the Graduate Program in Computer Science, and Vice President for Research, Innovation and Development of PUCRS. Professor and researcher in Computer Science, with lines of research in Software Engineering, Information Systems, and Global Software Development. Has experience in Science, Technology and Innovation Management, and Innovative Environments (Science and Technological Parks). Member of the Deliberative Council of the CNPq (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation), of the Deliberative Council of CGEE (Center for Management and Strategic Studies of Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation), and member of the Council of CAPES Journal Portal. Vice-President of ANPROTEC (National Association of Organizations promoting Innovative Enterprises). Member of SBC-Brazilian Computer Society, SBPC (Brazilian Society for Science Improvement), and member of the Deliberative Council of EMPRAPII (Brazilian Company of Research and Industrial Innovation), AIS-Association for Information Systems, IEEE and ACM.
Areas of interest in TH research
Scientific and technological parks, innovation, entrepreneurism, and business incubator.

Federal Polytechnic
Oko, Anambra State
Nigeria *email address protected*
Principal lecturer/coordinator, Centre for Research and Development, Federal Polytechnic, Oko, Anambra State, Nigeria. Presently on study leave for PhD(Entrepreneurship) with Sharda University, Greater Noida, India. Obtained HND, BSc(Accountancy), PGDM, and MBA degrees. Presented a paper at the 2014 XII Triple Helix International Conference, Tomsk, Russia.
Areas of interest in TH research
Entrepreneurial university model, entrepreneurial firms and economy, technology transfer.

Belo Horizonte Brazil
*email address protected*
Graduação: Ciências Econômicas – PUC MG Pós-Graduação: Gestão Estratégica – UFMG/CEPEAD/FACE Pós Graduação: PDG – Governo de Minas Gerais/Fundação Dom Cabral Mestrado: Administração com foco em Inovação – FUMEC (em conclusão, termino em 2015).
Areas of interest in TH research
Inovação e integração universidade, and empresa e governo.

Saint-Petersburg State University
Russia *email address protected*
Lecturer at Saint-Petersburg State University, since 2013. Research Associate in the Centre for German and European Studies, since 2013. degree, University of Eastern Finland, Finland, 2013. Doctoral student, University of Eastern Finland, 2010-2013. Stipendiary, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), research associate at Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic State University, 2009-2011. Stipendiary, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), graduate student at Saint-Petersburg State University for Economics and Finance, 2008-2009. Master degree in Business Administration, University of Applied Sciences Wismar – Technology, Business and Design, 2008. Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Bank Academy Rendsburg, 2005.
Areas of interest in TH research
Triple Helix relations, organisational change management, knowledge management, and interdisciplinary approach.

MR LUIS GARCIA FELIU Ana G Mendez University System San Juan Puerto Rico
*email address protected*
BBA and MBA with over thirty years experience as executive, entrepreneur, and consultant. Spent most recent fourteen promoting regional economic development based on the Triple Helix model and Dr Etzkowitz work. Have led the creation of three REDOs in Puerto Rico with equal participation of the three sectors, the first of which is now over ten years old. I have significantly contributed to the creation of three business incubators, with two others in the works.
Areas of interest in TH research
Design and management of organization based on the Triple Helix model; the Triple Helix model as an agent of change, particularly as related to regional governance structures.

Oegstgeest Netherlands
*email address protected*
Twenty-six years experience in establishing and heading Research and Technology Transfer Offices in all scientific areas. Extensive experience in company formation, licensing, and wide knowledge of intellectual property rights. Widely experienced in working with universities, government agencies, multinationals and SMEs. One goal is to create a simple but effective means of translating academic research to the market place thereby creating societal, economic, and financial benefit without loss of academic integrity. A second goal is to strengthen SMEs by advice on business and IP strategy, obtaining finance and working with both multinationals and universities. PhD Physical Chemistry (Salford), MBA – Motivation of Academic Researchers (Dundee).
Areas of interest in TH research
University-Industry partnerships, knowledge and technology transfer.

Rio de Janeiro State University
Rio de Janero
Brazil *email address protected*
Engineering, Master in Civil Engineering, and PHD in Production Engineering.
Areas of interest in TH research
Innovation, Triple Helix, entrepreneurial university, spin-off Firms, sport innovation, and venture capital.

Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro Niteroi Brazil
(affiliated to the THA Chapter Brazil) *email address protected*
Professor André Ribeiro de Oliveira holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), and joined the Department of Industrial Engineering of Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ, Maracanã Campus) in 2010 as an adjunct professor. He is academic coordinator for this Department and teaches the following subjects: entrepreneurship project, strategic planning and quality management. He conducts research in the area of strategic management of technological innovation, and his particular interests include formulation of strategy, strategic process, organizational design to support technological development projects and performance measurement system to R&D applied to both large corporations and small technology-based companies. He participates on: the Innovation and Society Interdisciplinary Research Group recognized by National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development (CNPq), on the Entrepreneurship and the Innovation Laboratory and in the UERJ´s
Incubation Program. He speaks Portuguese, English and understands Spanish.
Areas of interest in TH research
University-Industry Partnerships and the Entrepreneurial University.

Cupertino United States *email address protected*
Francine Gordon is Chair of the SVForum Tech Women and co-Organizer of the TEDxBayArea Women program. A pioneer in the modern women’s movement, upon completion of her PhD from Yale she began her professional life as one of the first two women on the faculty at Stanford Graduate School of Business. She’s held senior management roles at several high tech firms, spent 5+ years with the Boston Consulting Group as a Global Organization Manager, and co-founded a professional repertory theatre. Francine works with global companies addressing innovation, teamwork, leadership, and the advancement of women. She has organized several conferences for Fulbright scholars, and teaches at Stanford Continuing Studies, Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business, and at Infotec (in Mexico). Education: Yale University Organizational Behavior PhD/MA. Vassar College Psychology BA (Summa Cum Laude/Phi Beta Kappa). New Ventures West Certified Integral Coach.
Areas of interest in TH research
Innovation and gender.

Foresight Science and Technology, Inc Boston United States
*email address protected*
Daniel Satinsky, JD, MALD, is Vice President for Business Development at Foresight Science and Technology, Inc (, a global technology commercialization consulting company. For more than twenty years, he has been engaged in technology-related international business projects and building practical business networks. He has participated personally in three startup companies, and has acted as an advisor to a number of established companies. He is a co-author of the recently published article, “Emerging Innovation in an Emerging Economy: Can Institutional Reforms Help Russia Break through Historical Barriers.” Past publications include: co-author of Yaroslavl Roadmap 10-15-20, a New York Academy of Sciences study of worldwide innovation best practices and Russia; Buyer’s Guide to the Russian IT Outsourcing Industry; co-author Perm Innovation Roadmap and Industrial Giants, Entrepreneurs and Regional Government-The Changing Business Environment in the Yaroslavl’ Oblast 1991-98. He has been President of the Board of the US-Russia Chamber of Commerce of New England for more than fifteen years. He holds a Master of Law and Diplomacy degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, a Juris Doctor degree from Northeastern University Law School, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from James Madison College of Michigan State University.
Areas of interest in TH research Urban innovation districts, tech transfer and commercialization, and open innovation

International Triple Helix Institute
Palo Alto
United States
*email address protected*
With a BS in physics, a Master’s Degree in science education, and a PhD in Science and Technology Philosophy, Zhou has brought “field” concepts from physics into the analysis of university-industry -government (Triple Helix) relations. Her special contribution is the development of a “government-pulled triple helix model” based on a series of empirical studies, quantitative and qualitative, on the role of Party and State Policy in Science, Technology and Innovation, supported by the Chinese NSF and local funding. Zhou worked for universities and research institutes in China, Spain, Sweden, and USA, and has been a visiting scholar at Stanford University (USA), Stony Brooks University (USA), Newcastle University (UK), College of Humanities and Social Sciences of Tsinghua University (China), etc. She has published 65 academic papers, 27 of them in English; 4 books; 3 translated books; 8 Academic Awards; 12 research projects; 10 courses for Doctorate, Master and undergraduate students.
Areas of interest in TH research
Entrepreneurial university, Triple Helix innovation model, science and innovation policy, and sustainable development.


(affiliated to the THA Chapter Russia)
*email address protected*
Associate Professor and Head of Regional Development, the Research Institute of Regional Economy of the North, North- Eastern Federal University, named after MK Ammosova.
Areas of interest in TH research
Innovative economy in the region, numerical methods for
calculating the innovation activity of the economy.
Catholic University PUCP
*email address protected*
Industrial Engineering from Catholic University of Peru (PUCP). Currently student of Master degree in Management and Policy of Innovation and Technology (PUCP). Professional with seven years experience in Graña and Montero, a Peruvian business group of twenty-four engineering and infrastructure service companies operating in seven countries in Latin America. Head of Research and Innovation in Corporate Learning Center, and leader of “IMPULSO shared innovation system”, a program of social responsibility of Grana and Montero that seeks to work with
stakeholders of the Triple Helix in the generation, development, and transmission of knowledge in the field of engineering, to create innovative solutions that contribute to increasing competitiveness in the country.
Areas of interest in TH research
Innovation systems, university and industry relationships,
knowledge management, R&D, and Triple Helix models.