The Future Meetings Committee of the Triple Helix Association (THA) invites proposals from organizations interested in hosting the 14th Triple Helix International Conference for 2016, the 15th Triple Helix International Conference in 2017, and the 16th Triple Helix International Conference in 2018.

The Conference is the annual flagship event of the THA, which brings together thought leaders, keynote researchers, policy advisors, and senior industrialists, to discuss the latest developments in the interactions between government-university-industry for sustained economic growth.

The Conference offers a unique opportunity to learn of the latest trends, identify future directions in the growth of the subject, make contacts, renew acquaintances, and extend your network.

Since 1996, the Triple Helix International Conferences have brought together scholars, practitioners, and policy makers worldwide, for three intense days, to discuss, debate, and record the milestones in the development TH models and practices.

The 2015 Triple Helix XIII Conference will be held in Beijing, China, on 21-23 August 2015, with the Theme of Academic-Industry-Government Triple Helix Model for Fast-Developing Countries.

Some past international conferences and themes include:

2014 Triple Helix XII. The Triple Helix and innovation-based economic growth: new frontiers and solutions. Tomsk, Russia.
2013 Triple Helix XI. The Triple Helix in a context of global change: continuing, mutating or unravelling? London, UK.
2012 Triple Helix X. Emerging Triple Helix models for developing countries: from conceptualization to implementation. Bandung, Indonesia.
2011 Triple Helix IX. Silicon Valley: global model or unique anomaly? Stanford University, California, USA.
2010 Triple Helix VIII. Triple Helix in the development of cities of Knowledge, Expanding Communities and Connecting Regions. Madrid, Spain.
2009 Triple Helix VII. The role of Triple Helix in the global agenda of innovation, competitiveness and sustainability. Glasgow, Scotland.

Comprehensive information on past conferences is available at:

Prospective hosts are encouraged to review this information to get a better understanding of their role, relationship with THA, and financial requirement; for instance, the successful bid will be expected to make a contribution of 30K Euros to the THA.

Proposal Documentation

Comprehensive guidelines for submitting proposals are readily available from the Chair of the THA Future Meetings Committee, and require information that reflects the host background, capabilities, and experience, as well as an appreciation of the technical aspects of the subject.

Proposal Submission

Organizations interested in hosting a Triple Helix Conference are encouraged to submit their proposals in electronic form, no later than 1 August 2015 to:

Professor Tariq S Durrani
Future Meetings Committee
Triple Helix Association
(email: *email address protected*)

A decision on the proposals will be announced by 15 September 2015.
For additional information, please contact the above.