Research Center for Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship (RCRIE)
Shandong Academy of Science, Jinan, P R China

‘Come to China and Discover New Innovation Landscapes’ is an action plan initiated by the Research Center for Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship (RCRIE,) which is affiliated to China Shandong Academy of Science, It aims to connect experts to explore national/regional innovation systems worldwide. The RCRIE was established in May 2014, and is an organizational member of the Triple Helix Association. Shandong Academy has engaged Henry Etzkowitz, a Distinguished Expert, and Chunyan Zhou a Leading Researcher and Director of the International Triple Helix Institute (US) located in Silicon Valley, to assist develop the Center and discover new innovation landscapes in China.
The theme of the action plan is how to complete and optimize national/regional innovation systems; and achieve fast development by means of the systems’ advantage. China has a huge population, a vast geographical area, and extremely diverse ethnic and cultural characteristics. To fulfill development at national/regional levels, it must seek multiple solutions to improve its innovation systems; and would value collaboration with partners from countries globally to assist in discovering and dealing with common issues.

The RCRIE focuses on:

 An international perspective comparing the strategies, methodologies, and approaches in the construction of national and regional innovation systems.
 Theoretical progress on national and regional innovation systems study worldwide;
 Hot topics on innovation systems research worldwide;
 The status quo of development and construction of national innovation system in China; and
 How to complete and optimize the regional innovation system in Shandong Province.
The Center is currently working on projects granted by the Department of Science and Technology of Shandong Province, and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, that will assist initiate new joint projects. These include:
 The strategy of innovation driven by Shandong Province;
 The regional innovation system of Linyi City;
 The strategy alliance of technology innovation;
 The policy of the independent innovation demonstration zone of Shandong Province; and
 The strategy of the national high-tech zone of Shandong Province.

For further research, we are searching for researchers, academic partners, or joint research ventures, from the USA, the European Union and other countries, based on the RCRIE communication and exchange platform to work on the study of the innovation system. If interested in potential collaboration, please contact:

Fanping Kong: *email address protected*; Haibo Li: *email address protected*;
Alice C Zhou: *email address protected*

National Innovation Systems and Models Research Team:

Established 2013, and now has eight members. Team leader: Professor Fanping Kong,; research project assistant: Haibo Li.
Professor Fanping Kong, CHINA
*email address protected*) Director of the Institute of Science and Technology for the Development of Shandong, and Director of the RIERC. She conducts research in the fields of knowledge economy, innovation systems, human resource management, regional development and innovation systems, and science and technology innovation strategy.

Professor Luiz Márcio Spinosa, BRAZIL
(*email address protected*) Dr ès Sci Innovation Ecosystems, Pontifical Catholic University of Parana (PUCPR), Brazil

Haibo Li, Associate Researcher, CHINA
(*email address protected*) Doctor in Science of science and S&T management. Deputy Director of RIERC. His research areas are regional innovation systems, hi-tech industry, entrepreneurship and investment. Joined the Triple Helix Association in 2014.

Yongfei Jia, Associate Researcher, CHINA
(*email address protected*) Doctor in management science and engineering. Mainly engaged in research in management science, science and technology policies, and the innovation ecosystem.

Xiangrong Jiang, Associate Researcher, CHINA
(*email address protected*) Doctor in management science and engineering. Research interests include time-series analysis, technology innovation, emerging industry, and technology market.

Ming Gao, Associate Researcher, CHINA
(*email address protected*) Doctor of history of science and technology. His doctoral dissertation focused on the development of the electrical industry in modern China. His current research area is regional innovation systems.

Xuwei Ru, Research Assistant, CHINA
(*email address protected*) Master of Geography. His research interests are regional innovation and geography.

Quanmin Bai, Associate Researcher, CHINA
(*email address protected*) Doctor of economics and the management of agriculture. Mainly engaged in research on science and technology policies.