Hélice Issue 2



Summer Greetings!

Welcome to the Summer issue of Volume Four of the Triple Helix Association Magazine – Hélice.

The 2015 Triple Helix International Conference in Beijing, China, will be held in Beijing on 21-23 August 2015, and we invite you will attend the Conference. With the event fast approaching we include the Conference Theme Paper written by Professor Jin CHEN and Chuang Zhao entitled Building Regional Entrepreneurial System – Evidence from China. This paper presents the new concept of the Regional Entrepreneurial System using China’s first autonomous demonstration zone, Zhongguancum Science Park, and makes comparisons with Silicon Valley and Massachusetts.

It is with much sadness we note the passing of Dr Tapan Munro. Dr Chunyan Zhou has written a touching Tribute to him. The late Dr Tapan Munro was an acclaimed economist, author and consultant. He was a regular contributor to Helice, a plenary speaker at the Stanford Triple Helix Conference in 2010, as well as being the Helice Regional Correspondent for the Silicon Valley Region. His contributions to Helice will be missed.

In our President’s Corner, Henry Etzkowitz addresses Rendezvous of the ‘Third Kind’: Triple Helix Origins and Future Possibilities. The article discusses sources of the Triple Helix model in a government led response to the economic downturn in early twentieth century New England that recognized universities as key regional actor. Building on this, Henry suggests how the model may play a role in response to the contemporary economic crisis.

We include an interesting set of scientific papers which we hope you will enjoy. These focus on: Proof of Concept in Russia: Experience from the First Round of the Skoltech Innovation Program (Dmitry Pebalk, Igor Seleznev, Ilia Dubinsky); Method of Assessment of the Level of Contribution of Triple Helix Participants in the Innovative Development of the Economy (Nikolay E Egorov); and Getting Stabbed by a Unicorn (Herby Marchetti, Alen Jazbec).

In addition to information on the contents of the THA Journal and Members’ publications, we include a Book Review on: Innovation Policy: A Practical Introduction (N S Vonortas, P C Rouge, A Aridi, Eds), and a Call for Book Reviewers.

The THA Webinar Series continues to provide effective information, with the next presentation scheduled for Thursday 24 September 2015. The topic of the Webinar will be Developing Innovation Ecosystems, with speakers: Professor Luiz Marcio Spinosa, Pontifical Catholic University of Oarana, Brazil; and Celson Pantoja Lima, Visiting Researcher, MIT Industrial Performance Center, United States.

Finally, this issue of Helice’ covers THA Chapter News from the Chapters of Greece, South Asia and Russia; details of new THA organizational and individual members; THA News; and Call for Papers.

As Editors, we appreciate your interest in the Hélice Magazine, and invite you to publish articles or submit new items for publication in Hélice.

For further information, please contact Devrim Göktepe-Hultén (Editor in Chief) at devrimgoktepe@ gmail.com, or Sheila Forbes (Managing Editor) at *email address protected*.

We wish you a pleasant and enjoyable summer, and a warm and well deserved holiday. We look forward to meeting you at the XIII Triple Helix Conference in Beijing in August.

Devrim Goktepe-Hulten (Editor in Chief)
Sheila Forbes (Managing Editor)
June 2015

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