lead European universities, business schools, corporate universities, small and medium enterprises, business education networks will be cooperating in a Knowledge Alliance for the next three years to develop a virtual Academy for managers and leaders in the digital age. The project’s kick off meeting, LE@D3.0 Academy, took place in Milan, on 22-23February 2015, at the ISTUD Foundation headquarters.

Best practice Coursera and Stanford University online courses demonstrate that it is possible and effective, both for learners and for training providers, to offer a variety of open online learning resources. These pilot experiences are totally changing the scenario of learning and training and the related business models, and today, as never before, academia and industry have to be open to innovate and work together on the development of EU educational open platforms – underpinning innovative business models – to overcome fragmentation of efforts and resources.

The LE@D3.0 Academy (a project financed by the European Commission – Erasmus PLUS Programme, Knowledge Alliance Action) intends to create long lasting cooperation between the Academy and Industry. The challenge is to widen the use of social learning and open educational resources by trainers in order to develop soft e-leadership skills required by the labour market in the digital age. The LE@D3.0 Academy hopes to become a learning virtual platform and an international academy for trainers from universities, business schools and industry, that work on the development of the horizontal skills set of the ‘e-leader’.

The project workplan stretches over three years. The focus is on identifying new leaders’ soft skills (ie decision making, people management, strategic vision, design, creativity, intra/entrepreneurship) and developing them using innovative methods and Web3.0 based learning programs. Nine full Partners from seven EU countries (Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, France, Belgium and Portugal) will work together to design and develop the international LE@D3.0 Academy, involving trainers of the academic and business world as well as students, managers, and entrepreneurs.

The partners engaged in the project are: Coventry University and Münster University of Applied Sciences; large corporations: Auchan Group and Unicredit Group; business schools: Fondazione ISTUD and OIC Poland Foundation; international network for business education: EFMD – European Foundation for Management and Development; SMEs: Gruppo Pragma and Advancis Business Services. Two Associate partners have joined the project: University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin and INIPA, the training school of the Italian Farmers Association (Coldiretti).

In the next months, the project partners will develop the research phase: the aim is to identify the e-leadership skills portfolio, the training and learning strategy and methodology, on which the Virtual Academy will be set and, correspondingly, the training-of- the-trainers needs and programs in the context of Virtual Learning Environment and Open Educational Resources. The methodology of the project is based on an open approach to learning processes in terms of knowledge production and capitalization as well as in terms of knowledge acquisition and transfer. The trademark of the project will be wide, international, multi-actor, with open cooperation with a strong added value.

Info: Andrea Guarini,
Media Relations Manager – Fondazione ISTUD,
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