Hélice Issue 3



Dear Hélice Friends

Welcome to the Fall 2015 issue of the Magazine.

We started the new academic year with the Triple Helix International Conference in P R China. The conference, held in Beijing on 21-23 August 2015, and was jointly organized by the Research Center for Technological Innovation (RCTI), Tsinghua University, and the Triple Helix Association (THA). It was a great success and we thank colleagues and students who worked very hard to organize the event.

We thank participants for presenting new, fresh, and challenging ideas. Novel presentations and lively discussion by established scholars, as well as an aspiring new generation of Triple Helix scholars, strengthened and highlighted what can be done with the help of a simple, yet powerful framework like “Triple Helix”. Discussions revealed that the Triple Helix is still a fertile and versatile approach for those who want to understand and investigate “innovation and entrepreneurship”, as well as sustainability, growth, equality, policy changes, revolutions, reforms or crisis.

For those who missed the conference, we provide a brief summary of the conference and the keynote speeches. We acknowledge the number of outstanding papers, and the Conference Organizing Committee provides a list of Best Papers. We congratulate the authors for their significant contributions.

In President’s Corner, Henry Etzkowitz addresses The entrepreneurial university and its role in the development of knowledge economy. Henry suggests that universities are taking an even more central societal role; the entrepreneurial university expands academic roles from teacher, to researcher, to entrepreneur. Synthesizing a wide variety of data drawn from in-depth interviews, participant observations, archival research, and secondary analysis, into a common model, he analyzes the role of the entrepreneurial university as a Launchpad of the knowledge economy.

We include an interesting scientific papers which were presented in Beijing. These include: Are government incentives driving and intensifying the firms innovation capabilities in Mexico? (Angelica Nunez Merchand, P Perez-Hernandez, Sanchez Aguilar Adolfo, Martinez Ma Guadalupe); State logic and the government’s role in the formation of the Shanghai state power
industry (1945-1965) (Ming Gao, Chunyan Zhou); and Exploring the co-evolution between technical innovation and technology standardization in
the mobile communications industry (YE Weiwei, TIAN Hua).

We present interesting publications. In particular, we congratulate Shiri M Breznitz, Henry Etzkowitz, and all the contributing authors for providing the literature with a very comprehensive book entitled: “University Technology Transfer: The Globalization of Academic Innovation”, published by Routledge, 2015. The Triple Helix Journal is continuing its successful path since inception and is publishing interesting articles. The editor welcomes submissions with a promise of a fast but high-quality review process.

Our book review editor, Branca Terra, welcomes your interest in submitting “book reviews”. In this issue, Michelle Baker reviews Factory Man by Beth Macy.

The THA Webinar Series next presentation is scheduled for 25 November 2015. The topic is Evaluation of Entrepreneurial Universities: A Macro and Micro Perspective, with speakers Dr Andrea -Rosalinde Hofer, economist, OECD, Skills for Entrepreneurship; and Professor Dr Klaus Sailer, Professor for Entrepreneurship, Munich University of Applied Sciences, and CEO, Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship.

We have a number of interesting and ongoing activities of the Triple Helix Association: Thematic Research Groups News; Chapter News; and News from the Americas, as well as our new individual and organizational members. .

As Editors, we appreciate your interest in the Hélice Magazine, and invite you to publish articles or submit new items for publication. For further information, please contact Devrim Göktepe-Hultén (Editor in Chief) at devrimgoktepe@ gmail.com, or Sheila Forbes (Managing Editor) at *email address protected*.

We wish you pleasant and enjoyable Autumn days and look forward to hearing from you.

Devrim Goktepe-Hulten (Editor in Chief)
Sheila Forbes (Managing Editor)
September 2015