Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro
BRAZIL *email address protected*

(TH Chapter Brazil)

Majored in Biomedical Sciences (2009), and obtained her master degree in Biochemistry from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2011). Currently start-up executive and manager of Stratego Bio and voluntair as Advisory Board Member Antonio Paes de Carvalho Junior Enterprise (EJ APC). Has experience in the area of basic life sciences (focused, mainly, in the subjects: protein biochemistry, mosquito biology, tyrosine phosphatases and vitelogenesis) and in the areas of administration (business and public) and academy-industry relationship.

Area of interest in TH research:

Innovation ecosystem concept.


Lomonosov Moscow State University Seoul
SOUTH KOREA *email address protected*

TH Chapter Russia

2013-present: Brand Strategy, Hyundai Motor Company, South Korea, Seoul. 2013 – IRP program at UCLA Anderson Business School. USA, Los Angeles 2012-2013 – Global MBA. Korea University Business School. South Korea, Seoul 2010-2012: Master Degree of Economics and Innovation. Lomonosov Moscow State University. Russia, Moscow 2010 – Jönköping University Business School. Exchange program. Sweden, Jönköping 2009-2012: venture business consulting, MSU Science Park. Russia, Moscow 2006-2010: Bachelor Degree of Economics. Lomonosov Moscow State University. Russia, Moscow.

Areas of interest in TH research:

University-industry-government relationship, multi-cultural aspects in development of innovations processes, the role of universities in national and global economic development. Innovation infrastructure, clusters, innovation ecosystems, universities, collaboration, university-industry-government relationship, South Korea, Triple Helix, globality.


University of Bologna Via Terracini 28, 40131 ITALY *email address protected*

Riccardo Fini is Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation Management, and CIG Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Bologna (UNIBO), and Fellow at Imperial College London. He is serving as Associate Dean and Director of the Master in Entrepreneurship and of the Global MBA (Innovation) at the Bologna Business School. Before joining UNIBO, he researched at Ecole des Mines Paris, Case Western Cleveland, and the University of Bozen. He was also IEF Marie Curie Fellow at Imperial College and Assistant Professor at UNIBO. His research has been published in leading entrepreneurship and innovation journals such as Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, and Research Policy. He has been invited to contribute to the University of Chicago Handbook on Technology Transfer, and the Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management, and he has been awarded more than €300.000 of research funds. Dr Fini has given three keynotes on science and public policy in Brisbane, Porto, and Singapore, and was invited to present his research in thirty universities and business schools in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. He has also featured in Nature, Times Higher Education, and The New York Times.

Areas of interest in TH research:

Entrepreneurship; technology transfer and scientific productivity.


COLOMBIA *email address protected*

As a young Colombian entrepreneur, I
launched my first Startup on 2009 about
augmented reality. I am Industrial
Engineering from Sabana University in 2012,
my first employee was on Maersk Line international shipment company, in a financial area, where I was made credit and collect and make projects. Here, I contributed to increase the collect of the invoice and make a manual for use of financial module on SAP. SAP FRC. I then had the opportunity to be involved in one of the best healthcare companies about the eyes in the world, the Barraquer Clinic, where I found on of the principal motives to intro to THA because Barraquer have a cluster (or helix) of companies inside it from his foundation more than forty years ago. Actually I am the executive secretary of one of these, I work in Escuela Superior de Oftalmologia form 2013 to present. At the same time continue working on my entrepreneurial way with a StartUp based on virtual reality VR with the knowledge and expertise acquire from the last seven years as an entrepreneur.

Areas of interest in TH research:

Triple Helix Systems of innovation, Entrepreneurial University and Integration between three helixes.


Santa Cruz do Capibaribe BRAZIL *email address protected*
TH Chapter Brazil

Majoring in product design at the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil, on the perspective of strategic design, management. It develops research on the implementation of the Triple Helix in the wild region of Pernambuco. Second largest center of Brazil’s clothing.

Areas of interest in TH research:

Application and implementation of Triple Helix; management, strategic design, innovation


University of Pavia
Department of Economics and Management Pavia
*email address protected*

Margherita Balconi is a full Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Pavia. She graduated in Political Sciences at the University of Pavia (1973) in the area of international economics. In the Eighties she was a visiting scholar at the Sussex European Research Centre, Sussex University (UK) and at the Faculty of Economics and Politics, University of Cambridge (UK). In 1984-1989 she was a consultant of the Italian Parliament on the restructuring of the steel industry, and in 1994 a Member of the Technical Committee of the Ministry of Industry for allocating aids to capacity cuts. In 2006-2009 she was a Member of the Scientific Committee as by Piedmont Regional Law n.4, 2006, Regional system of research and innovation. In 2005-2012 she was University Rector Delegate for Pavia Science Park.

Areas of interest in TH research

Academic patenting, the links between basic research and innovation, patterns of collaboration between universities and industry, the performance of science parks, the performance of university spinoffs.


Zhejiang University Hangzhou
P R CHINA *email address protected*

Cui Liu is a lecturer in the Department of Architecture, Zhejiang University, China. She obtained her bachelor of architecture and master of architecture at Tongji University, and her PhD in Spatial Planning and Urban Development at Polytechnic of Milan. Her research interests include the changing role of the universities in the knowledge society and their corresponding spatial transformation. She is also an urban planner registered in the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, China, and participates actively in urban design projects.

Areas of interest in TH research:

Role of university in the regional innovation system


Fujian Jiangxia University Fuzhou
*email address protected*

YANG Xiaoli, is an Associate Professor in the Finance Department of Fujian Jiangxia University. She obtained an MSc in Finance from Xiamen University, and a BA in Economics from Shandong Finance Institute.

Areas of interest in TH research:

International finance, banking operation and management, ecological industry fund, innovative entrepreneurial university


University of Tampere School of Management Higher Education Group FINLAND *email address protected*

I am a doctoral student at the University of
Tampere, Finland. My research focuses on
universities, particularly in the Singaporean context. In my study, I am also applying frame analysis as a method to explore the institutionalization of the entrepreneurial university model. This is based on a single case study of a higher education institution in Singapore.

Areas of interest in TH research:

Entrepreneurial universities, national innovation system, regional development


Zhejiang University Hangzhou
P R CHINA *email address protected*

Research Institute of Development Strategy, Zhejiang University, China. Associate professor, assistant to dean. Research interest in university-industry collaboration, entrepreneurial university, and systematic innovation methodology.

Areas of interest in TH research:

Entreprenurial university