FAST_281_100pxFAST – Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations Milano, MI 20121
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Established in 1897, FAST, the Federation of the Scientific and Technical Associations is an independent non-profit making association acknowledged by Decree of the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Scientific Research dated 30 October 1995. It groups the main national scientific associations with around 50,000 members mostly from industry, research, development and technology sector.

The main activities of FAST focus on services to industries, research activities and training. In particular, it aims to: offer high level services to enterprises; facilitate the participation in European research and technological dissemination programmes; plan and implement advanced training and vocational initiatives; probe research and technological development policies; and promote cultural debate, information and scientific dissemination.

Thanks to its national and international relationships, FAST is constantly and directly linked to the whole technical-scientific and industrial environment in Italy, and organises events in co-operation with industrial professional associations.

logotipoPTS Granada Granada 18016
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PTS Granada is an ideal resource for the creation, implementation, and expansion of institutes and companies, which converts knowledge into economic and social development, especially in the pharmaceutical, health sciences, healthcare and food industries

Image-019University of Tampere
Tampere 33014 FINLAND
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Tel: +358 3 355 111

The University of Tampere (UTA) is a leading university in Finland with round 15,000 enrolled student and 2000 staff. The origins of the University in its forerunner, the Civic College, have endowed it with a singularly clear and extensive mission to serve society. The University of Tampere is Finland’s largest provider of higher education in the field of social sciences and the accompanying administrative sciences.

In its teaching and research the University takes a critical approach to phenomena in society. Its experts engage in the societal debate both through their publications and through the mass media; their opinions are sought after and their words carry weight in discussion and decision-making.

The University offers a wide range of research and expert services to both private companies and public bodies. Areas of organisational competence and expertise in Triple Helix research and practice include; the entrepreneurial university, innovation studies, and regional studies.