Paper Authors Title
THC2015_001 Ana Carolina Kayser, Douglas Wegner, Rafael Stoffel Dal Ri Management of collaborative innovation projects between universities and companies analysis
THC2015_017 Ng Su Juan Crystal, Ho Yuen Ping, Wong Poh Kam Research orientation and university-industry linkages: an exploratory study of researchers at the National University of Singapore
THC2015_033 GAO Yuchen,WANG Jingyi, HU Yimei Private-owned venture capital’s investment on university spin-offs: a case study of Tsinghua University based on Triple Helix model
THC2015_037 Yuen-Ping Ho, Chang-Chieh Hang,Yi Ruan, Poh-Kam Wong Transferring knowledge from PRIs to SMEs via manpower secondment: the case of Singapore's GET-UP program
THC2015_043 Inga Ivanova, Øivind Strand, Loet Leydesdorff The efficiency of Triple-Helix relations in innovation systems: measuring the connection between a country’s net income and its knowledge base
THC2015_059 Julio A Pertuze How do industry university relationships coevolve with firm strategy?
THC2015_083 Marina van Geenhuizen,QingYe,MozhdehTaheri Hidden activity of university spin-offs in Triple Helix networks: the role of mediator
THC2015_094 Nenad Penezic, Jelena Jesic Triple Helix model development in Serbia: the case of Educons University as an entrepreneurial university
THC2015_104 Riccardo Fini, Rosa Grimaldi,Azzurra Meoli Institutional and contextual factors as fonts of entrepreneurship: the case of Italian university departments
THC2015_128 Yuan-Chieh Chang, Phil Yuhsing Yang,Tung-Fei Tsai-Lin, Hui-Ru Chi Developing Pasteurian orientation for entrepreneurial universities: antecedents, mediation and performance
THC2015_131 Han Zhang,Yuzhuo Cai and Zhengfeng Li Towards a typology of university technology transfer organizations in China