Hélice Issue 4


Editorial Welcome

Welcome to the Triple Helix Association Magazine, as we celebrate the fifth year of Hélice.

The idea for the Magazine originated some five years ago, with a view to creating an intellectual forum for the discussion of university, industry, and government relations that would facilitate the communication of research, policy, and theory across disciplines and helices. In 2016, we reach an important milestone for the Association, and for our readership and members, representing the continuity of the publication of Hélice. The Magazine provides a growing repository of articles and news from around the world that we hope you all enjoy.

Over the years, we have observed and witnessed the development of Triple Helix ecosystems that are vibrant and diversified. A number of varied organizations and institutions interact with one other, each with an important role to play in creating new knowledge. A community of scholars and practice is most vibrant and effective when they represent a wide range of expertise, and engage closely with one another to further the evolution of meaningful thought and action. The multi-faceted experiences and disciplines of our contributors has allowed Hélice to achieve a common goal and to enhance its impact. At Hélice, we are always open to new contributions and ideas.

Over the years, our scientific contributions have emphasized the theme of how collaboration among actors from all parts of the community are essential to identifying needs and discovering solutions that address key pillars of policy and strategy behind innovation, research, and entrepreneurship. This collaboration is fundamental to helping organizations develop tools and solutions that assist them in facing their own unique sustainability challenges. The Triple Helix Network recognizes that in order to solve many of the world’s societal, economic, and technological challenges, we must meld our ideas to create new, hybrid concepts and initiatives that live in shared academic, policymaking, and programmatic spaces.

Hélice could not have happened without the support of many individuals and organizations, and we, as Editors, would like to thank our many authors and contributors for providing interesting articles and scientific input relevant to both experts and to the broader audience of academics, practitioners, and policymakers.

In this issue, the President’s Corner by Henry Etzkowitz presents Israel’s innovation system: a Triple Helix with four sub-helice, whilst the scientific articles include (i) Indicators of the innovation potential of a country as a means of government policy modelling in the dominant and emerging technological regimes (Elena V Vaganova); (ii) Enabling conditions for regional Triple Helix systems (Yuzhuo Cai, Cui Liu, Rhiannon Pugh); and (iii) The Triple Helix in value co-creation in vegetable cluster development (Tony Perdana, Eddy Renaldi, Iwan Setiawan, Nono Carsono)

We also include coverage of a number of interesting and ongoing Association activities namely: News from our Thematic Research Groups; Chapter News; and News from the Americas, as well as our new individual and organizational members.

We hope that you enjoy this issue, and that it will inspire you to consider how past work, current endeavours, and future collaborations can be combined to facilitate innovation in communities ranging from local to global. We also hope that ideas presented here will spark new projects and approaches for the study and application of the Triple Helix framework in different contexts.

Your interest in the Magazine is appreciated, and we invite you to publish articles or submit contributions to Hélice. Please feel free to share you updates and news, and give greater visibility to your research via Hélice. For further information, please contact the Editorial team.

We wish you a happy and productive 2016, and look forward to hearing from you.

Devrim Göktepe-Hultén (Editor in Chief)
Sheila Forbes (Managing Editor)

December 2015