Panayiotis H Ketikidis, International Faculty of University of Sheffield, CITY College (*email address protected*)
Devrim Göktepe-Hultén (*email address protected*)

Innovation, entrepreneurship, and co-creation are key elements to bring the knowledge society to the next level in terms of emergence of new ideas (Perkmann et al, 2013), to accelerate changes and deliver impact and results (Etzkowitz, 2003; Johnson, 2009). The industry’s role in this process is crucial. As enterprises are mainly focused on economic performance, they need innovation to remain competitive in the markets they are active in or to become successful in the markets they want to enter. Universities have an equally important role to fulfil in the process. First of all, by investing – usually funded with public money – in fundamental research of which the results become available.

However, as the industry becomes the dynamic to the Triple Helix, it is of core importance to ensure a proper co- creation between industry and universities. Such co-creation should not be seen as an added value service, but rather, both universities and industries should incorporate such co-creation in their business models (Ketikidis et al, 2013; Carayannis et al, 2012). Understanding how this co-creation capitalizes becomes then a critical concern for both parties.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

• University-Industry (U-I) co-creation capitalization/implementation forms
• U-I co-creation case studies and best practices
• Drivers and barriers to university-industry co-creation
• Impact measurement of innovation outputs resulted from university-industry co-creation
• Social engagement and social impact resulted from university-industry co-creation
• Intermediaries and moderators of university-industry co-creation
• U-I co-creation challenges for the quintuple helix (co-creation with society and environment)


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