The University-Industry Partnership Thematic Research Group led by Professor Ketikidis and Juan Bertolin has announced its strategic and operational plan for 2016.

The main interest of the University- Industry Partnership Thematic Research Group (UIP- TRG) is to engage academics and practitioners into cutting-edge research of mechanisms and capitalization bridges that would enable proper co- creation with measurable outputs between university and industry. Our scholarly work contributes to the emergence of more market oriented knowledge while a review of practices enables focus on products/processes than can be directly commercialized for the purpose of regional economic growth.

Together with industry, the UIP-TRG will constantly monitor and identify inefficiencies/blockers in relation to achieving the desired co-creation of value and will identify/propose solutions of how to overcome them. Additionally , by attracting research funding, the UIP-TRG will develop projects that focus on design and implementation of innovative mechanisms for university-industry co- creation and through such projects, we aim to develop pilot activities to test the proposed mechanisms. The ultimate goal of the UIP-TRG is to make sure that the emerged practices and mechanisms will achieve their intended impact, and that industries will realize the importance of this co-creation and will accelerate their investment for sustainable growth.

In order to achieve this mission, the UIC- TRG will endeavour on the following path:

 Integration with the EU Platform for University Business collaboration that will be launched soon;
 Initiation of a UBP Survey in the THA Member countries to identify the current status and future needs;
 Identification of relevant UBP offices from THA Member countries and invite them to the UIP-TRG;
 Identification of relevant universities and industries from THA Member
countries and invite them to the UIP-TRG’;
 Development of a UBP related webinars;
 Academic and practitioner research on identification of innovative means and co-creation capitalization between industry and academia.

The detailed agenda of the group can be consulted at:

Join the Group for developing common research and pilot projects for boosting University-Industry cooperation.

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Professor Panayiotis Ketikidis (*email address protected*)
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