th-logo-xiv Triple Helix Models of Innovation:
Addressing Ecosystem Challenges in the Era of Crises:

Economic, Political, Social, Environmental,
Epidemiological and Global Conscience

XIV International Triple Helix Conference
Heidelberg, Germany
25-27 September 2016

This year’s International Conference of the Triple Helix Association invites participation of academics and practitioners in two modes. Colleagues are invited to submit extended abstracts of 5 pages (2000 words) for classical scientific papers, or 1-2 pages (700 words) for experience–based cases. All abstracts and experience-based cases should be submitted on-line.

For classical scientific papers submissions should provide:

  • Introduction, context of the study and clear investigative questions.
  • Literature review methodology and theoretical framework.
  • Substantive evidence; data presentation discussion and analysis.
  • Conclusions; lessons learned, policy implications, and recommendations for further research.

For experience-based cases the presentation should offer:

  • Description of the practice and framework conditions.
  • Outline of the delivery and financial or support mechanism as appropriate.
  • Results and impact including evidence of failure and success.
  • Recommendations for improvements, organizational transfer and scalability.
  • Conclusions and lessons learned.

Deadlines for submission of abstracts:

30 March 2016 to qualify for Super Early Bird Registration (299€)
30 April 2016 to qualify for regular (479€) and early bird (350€) registration

Results of the review process will be communicated to authors by approximately 15 April and 30 May 2016 respectively.