YAO Wei, Research Institute of Development Strategy, Zhejiang University, China, (*email address protected*)
WENG Mosi, Research Institute of Development Strategy, Zhejiang University, China, (*email address protected*)

With the rapid development of the knowledge economy, university is playing a more prominent role in regional innovation systems. This theme has attracted increasing attention in recent years. There are basically three kinds of metaphors to describe the university’s role and function in regional development. Firstly, machine metaphors, the university acts as an ‘engine’ and ‘powerhouse’. Secondly, biological metaphors, such as ‘seedbed’, and ‘breeding ground’. Thirdly, a set of metaphors centred on networks, where higher education constitutes a ‘hub’, and a ‘coupling unit’.

Besides these metaphors, there is a heated discussion about the form of university towards the new era. The entrepreneurial university has become the main strategic choice for universities to actively involved in innovation practice, which was noted by Henry Etzkowitz.

This track will address the following issues:
– The prospective roles that the entrepreneurial university plays in Regional Innovation Systems.
– The impact of entrepreneurial university on a Regional Innovation System.
– The interaction mechanism between Entrepreneurial University and other regional innovation actors.
– The best practice of knowledge transfer at Regional level.


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