Welcome to Summer Edition of Hélice.

During the past months, Triple Helix Association members and colleagues have been working hard preparing for the forthcoming XIV Triple Helix Conference which will take place in Heidelberg, Germany. The conference aim is to address ecosystem challenges in the era of crisis, and how the Triple Helix framework can help individuals, societies, nations, and organizations to provide solutions. The event offers a rich programme with outstanding keynote speakers, panelists, and participants, and we do hope you will join us for a very interesting and exiting three days in beautiful Heidelberg on 25-27 September 2016. For further details, please visit the conference website (http://xiv.triplehelixconference.org).

In this issue the President’s Corner by Henry Etzkowitz provides an overview of innovation studies in his poetic way Innovation odyssey: relay stations of pessimism and optimism.

Economist Tapan Munroe was a distinguished scholar of innovation, Silicon Valley Correspondent for Hélice, and a supporter of the Triple Helix Association. In this tribute to Tapan, Josep Pique presents a wide-ranging overview of his work on Silicon Valley’s Innovation Ecosystems.

A group of practitioners and graduate students: Jim Stromberg, Simona Tolušyte, Antanas Baltrušaitis, and Leva Aleksandraviciute, from the ISM University of Management and Economics, Vilnius, take us to Sunrise Valley from Silicon Valley. They present a comparative work on the Management and Implementation of Technology Transfer in Sunrise Valley, Lithuania.

From the THA Chapter of Greece we have Panayiotis Ketikidis, Adrian Solomon, Besart Hajrizi presenting a summary of their activities, and sharing their key messages from their very extensive round-table discussions.

In the Book Review section, Branca Terra and her colleagues provide a comprehensive review of Mariana Mazzucato’s book, The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Public vs. Private Sector Myths, which
presents the State’s role in the economy and innovation, and debunks the myth of a sluggish State at odds with a dynamic private sector.

The Association Working Papers Series, welcomes its first mentor, Mike Burbridge, a PhD student at Curtin University Sustainability (CUSP). We would like more contributors and mentors, so should you are interested, please contact the Series Chair, Maria Jose Herrero Villa.

In this issue you will also find New Publications, recent activities of our THA Chapters, details on the upcoming Webinar, a welcome to our new THA organizational and individual members, as well as THA New from around the world.

The Triple Helix Journal, as always, seeks your submissions, with a promise of a fast, high-quality review process. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Anne Rocha Perazzo, the Managing Editor.

We hope you enjoy this issue and will share your comments with us. We welcome articles, essays, opinion papers on the Triple Helix, innovation policy, technology entrepreneurship, innovation management, and other topics relevant to solving the crisis that countries, organizations and individuals are facing. Potential topics, special issue suggestions, and submissions would also be appreciated. As Editors, we are happy to share your updates and news, and make your valuable research visible via Hélice.

For further information, please contact Devrim Göktepe-Hultén (Editor in Chief) at *email address protected*, or Sheila Forbes (Managing Editor) at *email address protected*.

We look forward to meeting you in Heidelberg!

Devrim Göktepe-Hultén, Editor in Chief
Sheila Forbes, Managing Editor
June 2016

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By joining the Hélice Editorial Committee, the Co-Editor will have the opportunity to widen his/her professional network, be acquainted with the latest developments on Triple Helix dynamics worldwide, and have visibility and recognition as a THA supporter.
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