University Catolica del Norte operates Triple Helix Model in Antofagasta Region, Chile

Professor Emilio Ricci of the University Catolica del Norte UCN, Antofagasta Chile; THA Organizational Member, and Director of the project ‘Enforcement of the Triple Helix innovation mode’, 2015-2017, based on the Triple Helix theoretical model; has started a process of awareness raising, engagement, and bottom up policy designing, with all the regional stakeholders (public and private institutions and civil society) of the Antofagasta region.

The process, which works in synergy with the regional innovation strategy of the Antofagasta region, intends to enhance a participatory policy making approach in the following strategic innovation areas for the region:

  • Water, with a focus on recycling
  • Tourism with a focus on protection of bio-diversity
  • Culinary tourism
  • Eco-construction
  • Renewable energies.

In addition to this, Professor Ricci has managed to secure additional funding from the European Erasmus program +: STARS in order to support social innovation initiatives based on the Triple Helix model, focusing on ‘CBT’ tourism for the regional development of the Santa Maria Island (Antofagasta region, Chile), in cooperation with other international regions (Madeira, Canary Islands, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Salomon Islands).
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