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webinarEvolving Innovation Ecosystem and New Company Formation

October 2016 (date to be confirmed)

Speakers: Adriano La Vopa and Daniel Satinsky

Moderator: Panayiotis H Kelikidis, Chairman of the South East European Research Centre and President of the THA Chapter of Greece

The Triple Helix interaction of government-universities-business creates a dynamic innovation ecosystem. This webinar will track emerging trends in this ecosystem and will highlight specific success factors that today’s startups should consider.
The presenters, Adriano La Vopa and Daniel Satinsky, bring years of practical business experience and proven analytic insight to the critical Triple Helix issues to be discussed in this webinar.

Adriano La Vopa Expert in Open Innovation Philips

Adriano La Vopa
Expert in Open Innovation


Trends in Ecosystem Evolution and How to Benefit from Them

Adriano La Vopa is a physicist with a Master in Administration of Businesses in nanotechnologies. He worked in a scientific park as leader of innovative projects based on technology transfer of new materials and technologies, mainly consulting Italian enterprises. He managed a start up involved in amorphous metal casting, a technology transferred from the space sector, as technical business development and production manager. He is currently working for Philips as an expert in open innovation with suppliers, and is partner in Innoventually, a company offering open innovation services for small and medium sized enterprises.



Daniel Satinsky Vice President for Business Development Foresight Science and Technology, Inc

Daniel Satinsky
Vice President for Business Development
Foresight Science and Technology, Inc


Success Factors for Startups in Today’s Evolving Innovation Ecosystem

Daniel Satinsky is Vice President, Business Development at Foresight Science and Technology, Inc. For more than twenty years, Daniel has been engaged in technology-related international business projects and in building practical business networks. He has participated personally in three startup companies and has acted as an advisor to a number of established companies. He has written professional articles and studies of innovation practices, including Open Innovation Essentials for Small and Medium Enterprises: a Guide to help Entrepreneurs in Adopting the Open Innovation Paradigm in Their Business (2016), Business Expert Press, co-authored with Luca Escoffier, Adriano La Vopa and Phyllis Speser; Emerging Innovation in Emerging Economies: can Institutional Reforms help Russia Break Through Its Historical Barriers? (2014), co-authored with Sheila Puffer, Daniel McCarthy and Loren Graham; and Triple Helix Model in Regional Development in Great Britain, USA and Russia (2011), co-authored with Cynthia Bouthot. Daniel holds a Master of Law and Diplomacy degree from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, a Juris Doctor degree from Northeastern University Law School, and a Bachelor of Arts from James Madison College of Michigan State University.



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