Working Paper Series

New Look and New Mentor

The THA Working Paper Series has an updated webpage where the new mission and delivery mechanisms are presented.
If you are a THA member, and want to be assisted by an experienced mentor to fine-tune your paper and render it complaint to scientific journal quality standards, then take advantage of our WPS.

Your work should be submitted to:
Maria Jose Herrero Villa
(Chair of WPS)
*email address protected*

The Working Paper Series is also delighted to introduce to the THA community its first Mentor, Mike Burbridge.

Mike Burbridge Mentor THA Working Paper Series

Mike Burbridge
THA Working Paper Series


Mike is a PhD student at Curtin University Sustainability (CUSP) Institute looking into how business, government, and academia can together innovate to deliver a low carbon future. Prior to his studies he worked on sustainable development for twenty-five years in government (UK and Australia), business (UK), and academia (Australia), where he was the Executive Director of the Australian Sustainable Development Institute. He left this post to study as he is sure there is a better way for universities, industry, and government to work together to deliver mutual benefits. He obtained his undergraduate degree from University College London, and his Masters from the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford.

If you would like to become a WPS mentor and make available your experience to support the community of young researchers, send your application to:
Maria Laura Fornaci
*email address protected*