Innovation: Open Sessions – offered by Triple Helix Experts

Feedback on Early Stage Ideas and Innovation Projects

Facilitators: Ary Plonsky, Henry Etzkowitz, and Mariza Almeida

Professor Plonsky, Professor Etzkowitz and Professor Almeida are leading figures in the Triple Helix Association with academic and practitioner experience and a broad research portfolio, including: entrepreneurial universities, science parks, incubators, measuring entrepreneurial discovery, Triple Helix and systemic solutions, challenges to knowledge transfer, and other related questions, embedded in the Triple Helix model.
The effort to bring together Triple Helix practitioners with scientists and academic researchers raises many questions that WE – as a professional community – would like to address. We would like to invite all scholars and practitioners that have an idea that requires a Triple Helix approach, or have practical observations that need to be enhanced conceptually and solutions explored, or have an early stage research project that articulates too many questions and needs refocusing … or indeed feel uncertain about the Triple Helix model … This workshop is designed for you, to brainstorm experts on early stage ideas.
As a PhD, Master, or indeed, a Bachelor student you can bring into discussion your ideas to enhance our entrepreneurial discovery process.

Governments and Innovation During Crisis

Facilitators: Dr Emanuela Todeva, Cllr Ali Hashem

This open session is especially designed to host government-led discussion on the Triple Helix – challenges and current practice of multi-stakeholder engagement.
From responsibility, accountability, and transparency, to pro-active multi-stakeholder facilitation and engineering of innovation framework conditions, governments around the world are facing the challenge of how to protect integrity and values while reducing expenditure, how to invest in sustainability and provide an integrated platform for collaborative action with businesses, scientists and academia. From public-private-partnerships (PPPs) to multi-stakeholder engagement and Triple Helix solutions – seeking sustainable models for development and growth.
Contributions are invited in a discursive form to address the roots of the multiple global crises, to knowledge and understanding of the role of government and citizens in translating locations’ intellectual, creative, and artistic resources into economic and social advance, rebalancing from over-emphasis on finance and real estate, to achieve balanced, inclusive development. Tracking socio-political opportunities in disguise; long term over short term visions, necessitating new priorities for government, investors, academia and philanthropy. Addressing the question: Who should lead the Triple Helix?

Triple Helix Funding Opportunities and Professional Community Development

Facilitators: Panayiotis Ketikidis and Adrian Solomon

The Triple Helix Association (THA) University-Industry-Collaboration Thematic Research Group is pleased to invite THA members and conference participants and representatives from local authorities and businesses that wish to become THA members and to join the THA-led research consortium – to a round-table discussion on funding opportunities towards the development of the THA professional community.
The aim of the round-table is to discuss potential EU calls for applications (and not only) for projects in the focus areas of the THA. Through the round-table discussion, we seek to establish interested partnerships and project ideas corresponding to specific funded calls that will lead to confirmed project applications in order to raise funding for research and networking in the THA’s areas. THA members have already been successfully involved in acquiring such funding as well as further project applications have been performed, however, by organizing this event, a wider coverage of the THA network can be engaged in this process. We encourage also non-THA members to register with the THA and take part in this round-table in order to capitalize their strengths within a strong global network.
The deadline for submissions has been officially extended till 31 July 2016 for regular tracks and 31 August 2016 for open debate sessions. The Organizing Committee invites participants to register by submitting an open text including a list of the questions and issues that participants would like to raise during the open session discussions. The abstract submission facility ‘Submit your abstract’, offers a conference track section OTHER EVENTS that invites academics and practitioners to register their interest and participation.