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THA Chapters showcased at the 2016 General Assembly

The activities, achievements, and future plans of the Greek Chapter, represented by Professor Panos Ketikidis; the Russian Chapter, represented by Tatiana Poespelova; and the South Asia (SATHA) Chapter, represented by Professor Abid Shirwani; were presented on 26 September 2016 during the THA General Assembly in Heidelberg.
The crucial role of Chapters in catalyzing Triple Helix debate and in producing an impact at regional level has been confirmed by the results presented by the Chapters’ leaders. Chapters’ presentations are available on the THA website at
The THA encourages the creation of new Chapters in Europe and Third World countries for mainstreaming TH research and development, and for igniting, feeding, and further developing local interactions with and among TH actors.
Existing organizations (universities and affiliated units, research institutions, innovation intermediaries, governmental bodies and other public and private bodies), or a group of people (represented by a legal person) interested to become the local interface of the THA and the center of TH debate in their own countries, can submit their Chapter application to:
Professor Mariza Almeida, Vice-President and Co-Chair of the Marketing and Membership Committee (*email address protected*)
Maria Laura Fornaci, Executive Director (*email address protected*).
Guidelines for applications are available at

Chapter of Greece

helice-5-3-4-sept-dec-2016_page_39_image_0001International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development
University-Industry Links: Coproducing Knowledge, Innovation and Growth
31 Aug – 1 Sept 2017 Makedonia Palace Hotel 5*, Thessaloniki, GREECE


Call for Papers

The aim of the Conference is to foster stronger university-industry links, and the theme of ICEIRD 2017 is: University-Industry Links: Coproducing Knowledge, Innovation & Growth To achieve this ICEIRD is looking to promote the dialogue and knowledge exchange across these communities, through the participation of academics, commercialization practitioners, policymakers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and businesses (companies) in order to enhance the impact of university-industry links to the growth potential of countries.


The deadline for the submission of abstracts (max. 500 words) is December 12, 2016.
Please submit the abstracts and proposals through the online submission form available at:
Abstracts will be reviewed by an international scientific and industry and business committee with a double blind review process.


Chapter of South Asia (Pakistan)

SATHA Partners in International Business Conference and Exhibition (IBCE)

SATHA (South Asia Triple Helix Association) in partnership with the University of Management and Technology, Lahore, organized a two-day conference and exhibition at the EXPO Center Lahore, Pakistan. The conference was held on 7-8 November 2016.


The aim of this event was to provide a platform to national and international businessmen and academicians for collaboration and partnership in research and innovation. Furthermore, the exhibition accompanying the conference was aimed to bring together top brands in business to initiate joint business ventures and explore investment opportunities of mutual interest. The objective of the event was to build the capacity of stakeholders by creating strategic linkages between business, academia, and government with a multiplier effect on trade and economic development in Pakistan under the Triple Helix concept.
The most interesting part of the two-day conference were the back-to-back business panel discussions on different topics. The aim of the conference tracks was to gather the most fertile brains from the area of industry, academia and government to express their thoughts on the burning issues of the market and business world. Speakers from the UK, US, China, Malaysia, Australia, Turkey, Italy, Dubai and Pakistan took part in the conference.
The opening session of the conference was attended by people from academia, industry and government.

Opening session

Opening session

The SATHA President, Mr Abid H K Shirwani, made the opening speech and highlighted the core objectives of the conference.

Mr Abid H K Shirwani SATHA President

Mr Abid H K Shirwani
SATHA President

The closing speech was made by Dr Hasan Sohaib, Charmian SATHA, and Rector, the University of Management and Technology (UMT) Murad, who shared his vision on the promotion of academic collaboration with the business world.

Dr Hasan Sohaib Chairman SATHA

Dr Hasan Sohaib
Chairman SATHA

A presentation on the Triple Helix Association (THA) was made by Dr Emanuela Todeva, Director BCNED, and Chair of the THA Scientific Committee. She had been invited to the conference by the President of SATHA to share her views on the Triple Helix agenda in developing countries. In her speech, she gave a detailed introduction of the Triple Helix concept and its application in the developing world.

Dr Emanuela Todeva Chair THA Scientific Committee

Dr Emanuela Todeva
Chair THA Scientific Committee

More than 30 international and 100 local exhibitors of 120 enterprises from Turkey, China and other countries attended the event and displayed their products. Companies from different sectors included automobile, textile, manufacturing, services, housing, construction, food and agriculture participated in the exhibition.
A B2B meeting segment was organized, where the Turkish, Chinese and other foreign businessmen held substantive meetings with their Pakistani counterparts. Escorted visits were arranged for the TUMSIAD delegation from Turkey to the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and the Sunder Industrial Estate, Lahore.

The Exhibition Area

The Exhibition Area

The participants of the conference were invited to a Sufi Night Dinner on the green grounds of UMT. During the dinner folk singers performed traditional music which was much appreciated by the audience.
The two days conference and exhibition brought thousands of business leaders under one roof and many businesses really expanded their customer base during this event.
The management of the conference have decided to hold the conference again in 2017.

Abid H Khan Shirwani (President SATHA)
Khalil Arbi, Executive Vice President SATHA)
Rahmat Ullah (Secretary SATHA)