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thjTriple Helix: A Journal of University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Springer)

Special Issue on Individuals in the Triple Helix
Guest Editors:
Rhiannon Pugh, Uppsala University
Yuzhuo Cai, Tampere University

Paper Submission Deadline : 1 January 2017


The Triple Helix thesis posits that for innovation and economic development outcomes at the local, regional, and national scale, universities, industry and government need to work together and form strong partnerships and co-operation. Evidence is cited of regions, institutions, and indeed nations that have successfully harnessed the power of the Triple Helix to bring about economic growth in the knowledge economy, the most commonly cited examples being the global exemplar regions such as Silicon Valley, Route 128, and Cambridge UK. This is partnered by in-depth studies of particular programmes or interventions, or institutions that have successfully engaged in this sphere of activity.
However, whilst Triple Helix relationships and spaces are commonly discussed and heralded as the key to economic success, there is little actual investigation of what these interactions look like at the individual level, and what the reality of implementing the Triple Helix actually looks like ‘on the ground’.
There is relatively little work in opening up the black box of the Triple Helix to examine the relationships and experiences therein. This Special Issue attempts to redress that balance, to uncover the experience of those working at the coalface of the Triple Helix trying to manage those relationships and ensure productive outcomes. It aims to link up different levels of analysis but shine a light
on an often-overlooked area of study into individual engagement in Triple Helix activities.
Contributions from a range of fields and perspectives are welcomed, which illuminate the role of individuals within the Triple Helix. More specifically, we would be particularly keen to explore – albeit not exclusively – the following topics:

  • What theoretical/conceptual frameworks can help better understanding individual engagement in Triple Helix activities?
  • Who are the key individual actors engaged in the Triple Helix interactions and what are their major activities?
  • How could the analysis of Triple Helix activities at the individual level and studies at the policy and organisational levels supplement each other?
  • How to design the policy and organizational structures to facilitate the individuals’ involvement and engagement in Triple Helix activities?
  • What are the roles of students in their contribution to innovation from the perspective of Triple Helix model?
  • What challenges confronted by academics when engaging in university-industry collaboration activities?
  • What are the conflicting norms and cultures for individuals engaging in Triple Helix activities?

We welcome submissions on these topics, or indeed other interesting dimensions of participation in the Triple Helix from international colleagues.
Please submit full papers by 1 January 2017 via the journal submission page. Information and instructions can be found at:
Please contact the guest editors at the emails provided if you require further information or would like to discuss the suitability of a potential contribution:
*email address protected* *email address protected*



Journal of Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy
(SNSPA, Faculty of Management)

Special Issue on Managing the Triple Helix (December 2016)
Guest Editors
Dr Emanuela Todeva, Research Centre for Business Clusters, Networks and Economic Development (BCNED), UK
Professor Panayiotis Ketikidis, Vice Principal – Research, Innovation and External Relations, University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College

Paper Submission Deadline
19 December 2016

We are seeking academic contributions that articulate the issues of managing complex multi-stakeholder projects and managing specific channels for Triple Helix engagement such as knowledge transfer, science parks, or university-industry collaborations, among others. Revealing the management, governance, coordination and orchestration issues and providing critical theoretical discussion or empirical observations will extend the scope of the current knowledge and practice.
Papers are expected to address more closely management, governance, or cohe Official Quarterly Magazine of the Triple Helix Association
ordination issues, linking the Triple Helix theory with the practice. Papers that address issues of broad societal challenges or narrow innovation cases with Triple Helix solutions are welcome. The management/coordination dimension can be brought either with a focus on the Triple Helix inputs or outputs.


helice-5-3-4-sept-dec-2016_page_51_image_0003International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development
(Inderscience Publishers)

Special Issue on Regional Triple Helix for Accelerated Development

Guest Editors:
Dr Emanuela Todeva, Research Centre for Business Clusters, Networks and Economic Development (BCNED), UK
Professor Mike Danson, Heriot-Watt University, UK

Paper Submission Deadline
05 January 2017

We are seeking academic contributions that articulate the issues of Regional Triple Helix constellations and activities, or regional initiatives across the government-university-industry space.
We invite both theoretical and empirical contributions that address the complex issues of regional stakeholders, and innovation practices, science parks, incubators or clusters that drive accelerated knowledge transfer practices with broad societal impact.
The research questions may address either the inputs or the outputs from Triple Helix engagement, or indeed can focus on critical discussion and evaluation of practices and outcomes from regional Triple Helix platforms. Papers that address issues of broad societal challenges or narrow innovation cases and regional Triple Helix solutions are welcome.
Guidelines for authors and sample papers, as well as information about the refereeing process and other relevant journals, are available on our website:


helice-5-3-4-sept-dec-2016_page_51_image_0001Industry and Higher Education

Open Call for Submissions




THA Helice Magazine
The Official Quarterly Magazine of the Triple Helix Association

There is an open call for practitioner cases, scientific news and professional statements in all areas of Triple Helix research, including Quadruple Helix, n-tuple Helix and multi-stakeholder engagement, university-industry-government interactions, national and regional innovation systems, knowledge transfer, entrepreneurial universities and enterprising governments, or university-industry partnerships and co-creation.