Dear Hélice Friends

During the last days of 2017, we look back and remember that we launched Hélice six years ago, emerging at the request of scholars, practitioners, and policy-makers, who wanted to be informed about ongoing research in the area of the Triple Helix. Over the years we have increased our network, and Hélice is now reaching more than 3.000 readers in establishments worldwide. .

2017 has been an intensive year for the Triple Helix Association. We started with preparations for the “I Choose Life-Africa”, Summit. It was the First International Triple Helix Summit and was held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 4-6 April 2017. The theme was Accelerating the attainment of sustainable development goals through ICT and Data, and the event introduced the Quadra Helix approach of working with government, academia, the civil society, and the private sector, to accelerate the attainment of Vision 2030. Sustainable Development Goals were inclusive from zero poverty to climate action.

This was followed by the XV Triple Helix International Conference held in Daegu, South Korea, on 14-16 September 2017 on the theme The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), Design Thinking, and the Triple Helix, with the objective to feed the scientific discourse around Industry 4.0 and related implications that impact on the Triple Helix of the innovation eco-system and their interface in the governance of emerging technologies.

In addition, the Association has hosted three interesting Webinar Sessions focusing on emerging topics in the Triple Helix interface. The 2017 webinars had particular attention on the operationalization of Triple Helix interactions for regional development. Also, many new members joined the Association, and individual members organized thematic events, seminars and workshops. In TH Talks, we hosted various interesting presentations; the Thematic Research Groups have grown; and our TH Chapters continued their academic activities alongside a close engagement with policy makers, industry and civil society.

New initiatives, such as SPIRAL, started at the initiation of members. Spiral is an open innovation platform for exchanging and growing research ideas, as well as expanding research collaboration. It aims to connect the Triple Helix community and provide a forum for discussion and building new projects and ideas.

Turning to future events, the 2018 International Triple Helix Conference will be held at the University of Manchester from 5-8 September 2018. It will bring together academia, government, business, and community, to share effective practices and to advance the frontiers of knowledge about collaboration for economic progress, social development and sustainability, and the role of cities and regions as enabling spaces for these interactions. We are looking forward to your participation.

In this issue, we have interesting essays, a Book Review, News from Members, Thematic Areas and TH-Chapters. In the President’s Corner, Henry is presenting the ‘Wisdom of the University’. Christiane Gebhardt is providing an ‘Overview of the TH Conference in South Korea’.

In the essay section, we have three pieces: Innovation intermediaries: ‘From the third to the fourth industrial revolution’ (Annalisa Caloffi, Federica Rossi, Marcherita Russo); ‘Social development through the creation of a knowledge economy’ (Danilo Piaggesi); and ‘Viewpoint on the figure of Homo Innovatus’ (Piero Formaca)., while our book review presents Gary Hamel’s classic book ‘The Future of Management’.

The Triple Helix Journal is continuing its successful path, and the Editors welcome your submissions. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Christiane Gebhardt and Anne Rocha Perazzo (Managing Editor).

The Triple Helix Association has had an fruitful year with lots of collaboration and engagement beyond our professional affiliations, within the spirit of Triple Helix. We are very glad to have shared many of these moments with you and thank you all for contributing to the success and development of the Triple Helix.

We wish you all a happy and successful 2018, and looking forward to meeting you in the coming year.

Devrim Goktepe-Hulten (Editor-in-Chief)
*email address protected*

Sheila M Forbes (Managing Editor)
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December 2017



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