The THA is about to launch a new service, called SPIRAL, an open innovation platform for exchanging and growing research ideas, as well as expanding research collaboration. It aims to connect the Triple Helix community and provide a forum for discussion and building new projects and ideas.


Though having good research ideas, many researchers struggle to take them further and eventually develop them as published work for many reasons, such as less maturation of the research ideas (especially when the idea is too innovative), insufficient required knowledge (when the research requires multi-disciplinary perspectives), and lack of time, funding or other resources.


SPIRAL aims to overcome these challenges using the knowledge and expertise of the Triple Helix Association network. While SPIRAL provides a platform for sharing early research ideas, it also helps connect the authors to mentors in related fields for advice. Authors can call for potential collaborators when submitting their research plans. Meanwhile, the SPIRAL platform provides online communication tools for open discussions so members can comment on published ideas, and connect with one another.

In order to strengthen THA capacity in supporting SPIRAL, we are looking for volunteers willing to act as SPIRAL mentors and evangelists. If you are interested, please send your candidature to Mrs Maria Laura Fornaci, *email address protected*; and Professor Yuzhuo Cai , *email address protected*.