An updated version of the GEUM paper entitled Metrics for the Entrepreneurial University has been available at the Tripe Helix Working Paper Series (THWPS) since 28 August 2017. The paper is developed by the GEUM team and its partners. To access the paper the-entrepreneurial-university

The main authors are: Henry Etzkowitz, Alexander Bikkulov, Anne Kovaleinen, Karl Heinz Leitner, Seppo Poutanen, Denis Grey, Lena Leonchuck, Justin Axelberg, Guilherme Ary Plonski, and Mariza Almeida.

Other contributing authors (in alphabetical order of first name) are: Charisse Reyes, Elaine C. Rideout, Emanuela Todeva, Emilio Alvarez-Suescun, Giustina Secundo, Kanetaka Maki, Liana Kobzeva, Marina van Geenhuizen, Mosi Weng, Huub Mudde, Robert Tijssen, Tatiana Pospelova, and Yuzhuo Cai.