Hélice Issue 1


Editorial Board

Editor in Chief Devrim Göktepe-Hulten *email address protected*
Managing Editor Sheila Forbes *email address protected*
Book Review Editor Branca Terra *email address protected*

Board Members
Loet Leydesdorff *email address protected*
Alexander Uvarov *email address protected*
Mariza Almeida *email address protected*

Board Members (Ex-Officio)
Henry Etzkowitz *email address protected*
Maria Laura Fornaci *email address protected*

Triple Helix Secretariat
Triple Helix Association
Via della Lungara
00165 Rome

Maria Laura Fornaci
THA Executive Director

*email address protected*



The Triple Helix Association Magazine, Hélice, is published quarterly: March, June, September and December. Contributions are invited:

ARTICLES/ESSAYS dealing with aspects of the interaction between academy-industry-government (Triple Helix) for fostering research, innovation, economic competitiveness and growth. Contributions should be in MSWord, 2500-3000 words, and include a photograph of the author.
Contact:  *email address protected*.

BOOK REVIEWS from publishers and writers/reviewers on new publications relating to Triple Helix themes. Reviews should be original and interesting, should be written clearly and concisely, and 1000-1500 words in MSWord.
Contact: *email address protected*.

NEWS ITEMS related to conferences or events, call for papers, projects, job posting, and any other activity relevant to Triple Helix interactions you/your organization is organizing/have organized. Articles should be in MSWord, no longer than 1000 words, and include web links to any related activity.
Contact: *email address protected*.

Deadlines for submissions to be included in related quarterly issue:
28 May 2018 for June 2018 issue.
29 August 2018 for September 2018 issue.
28 November 2018 for December 2018 issue.
28 February 2019 for March 2019 issue