Dear Hélice Friends,
My story of Triple Helix started while I was studying innovation process and innovation sprit in Israel, in 2002. After spending months of reading on innovation networks, and the national systems of innovation, I figured that the Triple Helix is actually the most veracious model that could explain the DNA of innovation in Israel. My fascination with innovation and the Triple Helix, as well as my academic work brought me to Scandinavia, and as a young fellow I had the opportunity to present my work at the Triple Helix Conference in 2002. I believe since then that I have become a member of the Triple Helix family. During the course of my doctoral studies, I received constant support from the TH-family.
Over the years I have witnessed the expansion of the Triple Helix from a theoretical concept, to become associated with a variety of activities on a global scale. Scholars and practitioners, as well as policy-makers wanted to be informed about TH activities news, updates, announcements, and ongoing research in the area of the Triple Helix regularly, as much as we wanted to reach them.
Consequently, I was invited and encouraged by one of the founding fathers of the Triple Helix “Henry Etzkowitz and was supported by Loet Leydesdorff” to support the launch of a creative outlet where the Triple Helix Association could reach its members and beyond. With this purpose, in January 2012 we launched Hélice as a Newsletter, which later developed into a Magazine with scientific essays and papers. It has become a platform where the friends of Triple Helix can share their knowledge, activities, and experiences. The Magazine is well on the way to establishing itself as a key, if still niched, contributor to thinking about the Triple Helix framework, but increasingly beyond. I saw my role as continuing to nurture the growth of the Triple Helix Association and authors who submit their work to Hélice. During interactions with authors, regional correspondents, book reviewers, and conference organizers, I learned more than I could have initially imagined.
I am stepping down from my role as Editor-in-Chief with effect from spring 2018 and, therefore, this issue is the last on my watch. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to many people. Above all the support and wisdom of Henry, original founder and name-giver of Helice; and Loet for his constant support and assurance of “we are doing a great job”. Iwould like to thank Sheila Forbes, the Managing Editor of Helice, without whom we could not have produced Hélice. Many thanks also go to book editor, Bianca Terra, the Hélice regional correspondents, members of the executive committee of Triple Helix Association as well as Mariza Almeida, Tariq Durrani, Christiane Gebhardt, Chunyan Zhou, Dimitrios Corpakis, Guilherme Ary Plonski, and Danilo Piaggesi for their continuing enthusiasm and commitment. I would also like to extend my tribute to Professor Tapan Munroe for his support during the early days of Hélice.
I, as Editor-in-Chief of Hélice, have had intensive and fruitful years with lots of collaboration and engagement beyond my professional affiliation. I am very glad to have shared many of these moments with you and thank you all for contributing to the success and development of Hélice and the Triple Helix. I will continue my work within the Triple Helix Association and serve as an Associate Editor with the Triple Helix Journal. I hope with your support and experience from Hélice, I will contribute to the success of the TH-journal.
I wish you all a warm spring, and looking forward to meeting you in different occasions.

Devrim Göktepe-Hultén,
March 2018



Call for Contributions

Hélice is distributed to scholars, practitioners, policy-makers, and public administrators, in academic and industrial organizations, and research  establishments, and has an audience of around 3.000 readers worldwide. This makes Hélice just the place to publish your latest research ideas and recent work. We also welcome news items related to up-an-coming international conferences or events; call for papers; project reports; job postings; and any other relevant activity that you or your organization is organizing, or has recently organized, and want to tell our readers about.
Forthcoming deadlines for submission are 28 May 2018 (Summer/June 2018 issue), and 28 August 2018 (Autumn/September 2018 issue). For further  information please feel free to contact

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