2nd International Triple Helix Summit 2018

The British University in Dubai (BUiD) has been successful in attracting the region’s first International Triple Helix Summit on “The Role of Government / Academia / Industry in building Innovation-based Cities and Nations” http://triplehelix.ae/index.html.

BUiD, the Triple Helix Association, the University of Dubai, Al Maktoum College of Higher Education, the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government, and the American University of Ras Al Khaimah will jointly host the event. The event will be held from 10-13 November 2018 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The call for papers is open for submission with seven themes on various Triple Helix topics that bring together researchers and practitioners from different fields. The Summit will have plenary sessions, presentations of successful case studies, and panel discussions to touch base upon on challenges and solutions of Triple Helix. Renowned Speakers including Professor Henry Etzkowitz, one of the founders of the Model, and other experienced expertise, would be addressing on the Government-Academia-Industry Role in the Triple Helix Model.

The Theme for the Summit is “The Role of Government / Academia / Industry in building Innovation-based Cities and Nations” and it focuses on the following areas in the Summit:

  • The Role of the Triple Helix in Transforming Nations into Knowledge-Based Economies
  • The Role of the Triple Helix in Building a Sustainable Economy
  • The Role of Government and Public Policy in Developing Triple Helix Systems
  • The Entrepreneurial University and its Engagement in the Triple Helix System
  • Smart Cities and Overcoming Security Challenges
  • Towards a More Effective Triple Helix Management and Partnership
  • Challenges for Effective Partnership and Interactions among Triple Helix Actors.

We invite you to an enriching and thought-provoking International Summit on the Triple Helix in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This is a new area for exploration within the Gulf Region and we welcome participants to hear about best practice and research in this field.

The deadline for Submission is 15 August 2018. Please visit http://triplehelix.ae/Abstract.html for submissions.

Students will receive a discount on the registration fee. Papers presented at the II International Triple Helix Summit in Dubai, UAE, would be considered for publication in one of the upcoming Topical Collections of the Triple Helix Journal (THJ). There are other publication opportunities as well, which will be mentioned at the Summit.

UAE’s founding father the Late HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was a great visionary whose wisdom and struggle in uniting the seven Emirates as one nation served as a strong Foundation and Inspiration for the next line of Leaders. UAE has been rated first globally in fifty development indices according to the Global Competitiveness Reports 2017-2018, which is a mammoth step towards development for only a forty-six year old country. The UAE connects the West to East due to its strategic geographical location; the rapid development that took place in the last fifteen years has established UAE as one of the most Innovative Nations in the Arab world. In addition, to leading as one of the Innovative Nations of the world, UAE launched the National Innovation Strategy in 2014. The Strategy targets seven crucial sectors such as renewable energy, transport, education, health, technology, water and space. In addition, other strategies that have been set in place to drive innovation across other sectors are UAE Vision 2021, Centennial Strategy 2070, UAE Clean Energy 2050 Strategy, UAE Future Accelerators Programme, UAE Mission to Mars 2021, etc.

Dubai city on its own under the leadership of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, has been at the forefront leading on the new technological advancements and has announced a number of initiatives such as the Dubai Future Strategy, Dubai Artificial Intelligence Strategy, Dubai Smart City initiative, Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030 and 10X. Thus, it is very evident that the Governments across the world are working towards adapting the Digital Transformation initiatives and rapid advancements are taking place in the field of Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, 3D printing, Big Data etc, and the Global Economies are moving towards platform economies.

The Triple Helix Summit comes at a very crucial time where Business dynamics globally and within the country are changing so fast that there is an urgent need for all stakeholders to work hand in hand to create sustainable economies and leave a legacy for generations to come. The themes for the conference have been carefully designed to create an opportunity for Government and Industry to network with academics, scientist, students and the wider academia community from across the globe to understand and comprehend how knowledge partnerships are taking place worldwide to design Innovative solutions to form happier and prosperous communities. In addition, it will provide an opportunity for Academia to identify key areas of research that are most crucial to Government bodies and how jointly they can set up incubators to create homegrown future scientists but also help it meet the goals and KPI’s of the UAE Innovation strategy.

The British University in Dubai formed a Consortium with a shared understanding on the importance of the Triple Helix Model for Sustainable Innovation in the UAE. The members are linked with a common goal of supporting the UAE’s National Innovation Strategy leading to societal benefits and driving the development of the knowledge-based economy.

The consortium aims to attain the three components of the Triple Helix Model working towards sustained growth and development.


Conference Organisers

Triple Helix International Medal Award 2018
Deadline for Applications: 15 August 2018

The Triple Helix International Medal Award is an initiative promoted by the Triple Helix Association aiming at identifying public or private organizations who are actively involved in Triple Helix interactions and engaged in building successful and goal-oriented relationships among Industry-Academia-Government, thus facilitating the transfer and exploitation of knowledge for societal and economic growth.

The scope of the award is to give relevance to the “best in class”, who have developed and operationalized effective interaction models and mechanisms able to produce concrete results and impact in terms of knowledge transfer and exploitation, and that could inspire the next generation of Triple Helix Practitioners, becoming a “Case History” for our Community.

Target group: technology transfer offices, liaison offices, science parks, techno poles, incubators, regional innovation agencies and pubic or semi-public innovation intermediaries, and private consulting firms.

Candidates should send application as a “case study” in response to the call for abstract for the II International Triple Helix Summit, 10-13 November 2018 Dubai, using the guidelines for “case study” submission provided at www.triplehelix.ae/Abstract.html. Practitioners and professionals will be selected by a prestigious international selection committee composed of leading figures from the academic, business and investor communities.

The winner will be announced at the II International Triple Helix Summit, 10-13 November 2018, in Dubai, during the Award Ceremony organized at the Gala Dinner of the Summit.

The winner will receive as a prize:

  • A one-year free THA organizational membership (value 225€).
  • Special mention and recognition on the THA website via the publication of the award notice on the website home page.

Furthermore, the top five cases from the selection process will be used to prepare a case histories booklet for inspiring new practitioners joining THA, reached by THA communications (+3000 readers worldwide) and attending our events (TH Summit Series).

Benefits for applicants:

Exposure to a wide international audience composed of qualified representatives of industry, academia and government.
Promotion for their case and expertise both during the main THA annual event (THA Summit Series) and by means of THA publications (a special issue of Hélice Magazine, Resources Repository on THA website, the THA Newsletter).
Increased reputation gained thanks to the Award and the “Case History” booklet.
All benefits associated with THA organizational membership.

Award Criteria


  • Intangible (a number of organizations benefiting from the practice, which have improved the quality and efficiency of their work).
  • Tangible (financial and societal benefits achieved by the involved organizations and in general by the ecosystem, resulting from the adoption of the practice).


  • Level of transferability of the concerned practice in other/different contexts.

For further information, please contact:
Triple Helix Association, Executive Director
Ms Maria Laura Fornaci
*email address protected*.