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A warm welcome to the Autumn 2018 issue of Hélice!
This issue of Hélice delved the 2nd International Triple Helix Summit which will take place on 10-13 November 2018 in Dubai,
United Arab Emirates. The main theme of the event is The Role of Government, Academia, and Industry in Building Innovation-Based Cities and Nations. Please visit www.triplehelix.ae for more details. This event will bring stakeholders from academia, private and public sectors to share experiences on how the triple helix theory can create sustainable economies and leave a legacy for generations to come. The Summit keynote speakers are Professor Henry Etzkowitz (President of the Triple Helix Association, International Triple Helix Institute), Josep Miquel Piqué (la Salle Technova Barcelona, Catalan Network of Science Parks (XPCAT), Spanish Network of Science Parks (APTE)), Professor Emanuela Todeva (St.Mary’s University, UK), and Professor Abdullah Alshamsi (The British University in Dubai). The Summit will introduce the Triple Helix International Medal Award as a new initiative of the Triple Helix Association to give relevance to the cases which have developed and operationalized effective triple helix interaction models and mechanisms able to produce concrete results and impact in terms of knowledge transfer and exploitation.
In President’s Corner, Henry Etzkowitz calls attention to the innovative and entrepreneurial objectives of academic institutions  in their regions with a stress on a wide range of interdisciplinary activities, which, therefore, can lead to new emerging  institutional relationships, often with the governmental support. Professor Etzkowitz argues that the entrepreneurial university paradigm is a relatively new phenomenon even for the most advanced exemplar cases such as Stanford University.
In this issue we include a publication Universities in the Regional Agenda: How Can They Drive Innovative, Technological and Social Regional Development? by Liana Kobzeva, Irina Pavlova, Marina Malakhovskaya and Evgeny Gribov. This Russian team explore the recent national initiative aimed to stimulate Russian universities to re-consider their role within the regions, and to specify quantitatively their contributions to innovative, technological and social development. The authors state that universities are very diverse in the third university mission implementation, as well as in terms of their readiness and willingness to be engaged in the mutually beneficial dialogues and interaction.
This Hélice also introduces SPIRAL: A Platform for Idea Sharing, Mentoring and Collaboration. Oganised by Professor Yuzhuo Cai and Dr Rhiannon Rugh, SPIRAL is a new and innovative approach to the sharing of research ideas, preliminary findings, and establishing collaborations and contacts within the triple helix community. We encourage those interested in publishing their ideas, or in acting as a discussant or mentor. Please visit www.triplehelixassociation.org/spiral-platform-idea-sharing-mentoring-collaboration for Issue SPIRAL 2018-1 – Towards a socially responsible entrepreneurial university: conceptual and analytical framework building.
We have selected a number of interesting publications for your information: (1) Research Evaluation of Asia Countries Using Altmetrics: Comparing South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and China by Hyejin Park and Han Woo Park published in Scientometrics; (2) Beyond the Nudge by Riccardo Viale; (3) Innovation by Design: SPARK and the Overcoming of Stanford University’s Translational ‘Valley of Death’ in Bio -Medicine by Henry Etzkowitz, Alex Mack, Thomas Schaffer, Jim Scopa, Lei Guo, Tatiana Pospelova published in Managerial and Decision Economics.
There are numerous interesting and ongoing activities of Triple Helix Association, Regional Chapters, Regional Correspondents,
and we present our new individual and organizational members we well. We invite you to join the upcoming webinar Smart City
Challenges: Collaborative Approach for Defining a Problem to Implement a Solution by Anastasia Yarygina, Open Innovation Business Developer, Hyundai Motor Company (Seoul, South Korea) and Project Leader for the development of innovation ecosystems in Russia.
As Editors, we appreciate your interest in the Hélice Magazine, and invite you to publish articles or submit new items for publication in Hélice. We especially encourage our regional chapters to look into specific potential contributors from university-industrygovernment community and the topics which could be potentially interesting and useful for them. For further information, please contact Liana Kobzeva (Editor in Chief) at *email address protected*, or Sheila Forbes (Managing Editor) at *email address protected*. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Liana Kobzeva


Cover: Received from Professor Henry Etzkowitz, President THA