New THA New Members March 2019 – August 2019

We are pleased to welcome and present new THA members joining our Association between March and August 2019, from both developing and developed countries and see how our Community is raising its international profile.

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Organisational Member


Calle German Amezaga 375
Lima 01


The Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM) is the first university in Peru and America.  It was founded by Royal Decree, signed by the Kings Charles I of Spain or Charles V, Emperor of Germany, and his mother, Queen Juana, delivered in Valladolid on 12 May 1551.  It has more than 33000 students and 3000 teachers, and has 20 faculties with 66 academic degree schools.

From 12 May 2017, by Rector Resolution created the unit “1551 Incubator of Innovative Companies”, unit that provides open innovation to members of the community, companies, public institutions and all academic communities, which was formerly known as the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering.  Today, 1551 Incubator of Innovative Companies has taken as initiative to spread the Triple Helix at the level of the university community of San Marcos and Peru.


Individual Members


*email address protected* 



EDUCACIÓN Colegio Franklin D Roosevelt (1956 1961), Primero a Sexto Primaria Colegio Santa María (1962 1966), Primero a Quinto Media Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú Ingeniería Civil Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos Ingeniería Industrial – Egresado en 1973 de la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos – Bachiller en Ingeniería Industrial (28.Enero.1078) – Titulado en Ingeniería Industrial (7 Mayo 1980) – Magíster en Dirección y Administración de Empresas del Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles de España, IEB (24 Noviembre2005) SERVICIOS Y REPRESENTACIONES AD HONOREM Del Consejo Nacional de Decanos de los Colegios Profesionales – Representante del Consejo Nacional de Decanos de los Colegios Profesionales ante el Acuerdo Nacional en las Sesiones (Julio 2010 a Junio 2012); – Decano Presidente del Consejo Nacional de Decanos de los Colegios Profesionales (2011-2012); – Decano Presidente del Consejo Nacional de Decanos de los Colegios Profesionales (2010-2011); Del Colegio de Ingenieros del Perú – Decano Nacional del Colegio de Ingenieros del Perú (2010-2012); – Decano del Consejo Departamental de Lima del Colegio de Ingenieros del Perú (2008 – 2009); – Presidente del Capítulo de Ingeniería Industrial de Sistemas del Consejo Departamental de Lima del Colegio de Ingenieros del Perú (2006-2007); – Presidente del Capítulo de Ingeniería Industrial de Sistemas del Consejo Departamental de Lima del Colegio de Ingenieros del Perú (2004-2005); – Presidente del Capítulo de Ingeniería Alimentaria y Agroindustrial del Consejo Departamental de Lima del Colegio de Ingenieros del Perú (2006-2007); – Presidente del Capítulo de Ingeniería Alimentaria y Agroindustrial del Consejo Departamental de Lima del Colegio de Ingenieros del (2004-2005); – Creador, propulsor y Jefe del Plan Perú 2040 por el Consejo Departamental de Lima, (2005-2008). Creador de la Ley del Profesional Ingeniero, Ley Nº 28858. Del Instituto Peruano del Deporte – Director Tesorero de la Federación de Karate; – Director Secretario de la Federación de Judo y Karate; De la ONG APROPO (Apoyo a Programas de Población) – Director 2009 al 2012 SERVICIOS PROFESIONALES En su ejercicio profesional ha ocupado importantes cargos en distintas áreas: ha sido catedrático de las universidades Ricardo Palma y Nacional José Faustino Sánchez Carrión.  Fue funcionario principal del Banco Central de Reserva del Perú, a cargo del Departamento de Planeamiento y Control de la Producción de la Casa Nacional de Moneda. Jefe del Proyecto de Laminadora del Pacífico actual Aceros Arequipa SA, Gerente de Ventas de De Col Ingenieros, Gerente General de Fertilizantes Sintético SA FERTISA.  Gerente General de Fábrica de Tejidos La Unión Ltda. en quiebra y Gerente de la empresa consultora en proyectos y supervisión CPS de Ingeniería SAC Consultor Principal Asesor del Directorio de la consultora de Proyectos. – Director de INVERMET (2008-2009); – Coordinador del Proyecto Pucallpa ACCEDE, BID en representación de la Consultoría de Cinclus Project Management SAC, (Noviembre 2015 – Mayo 2016) – Representante de la empresa portuguesa Cinclus Project Management SAC empresa dedicada a la Supervisión y Gerenciamiento de proyectos (Enero 2013 – Agosto 2015). – Asesor de la Presidencia del Directorio de EMILIMA (Agosto 2015 – Febrero 2016) – Asesor de 1551 Incubadora de Empresas Innovadoras, UNMSM (Enero 2017 – Febrero 2019) OTROS En dos oportunidades ha sido distinguido por la Comisión de Educación del Congreso de la República, habiendo recibido la medalla de El Congreso de la República.  Creador y propulsor de diferentes dispositivos legales, Casa Nacional de Moneda, Proyecto Ilo, Ley del Profesional Ingeniero.  Creador del Plan Perú 2040, gestor de la nueva normatividad del Colegio de Ingenieros del Perú, entre otros.

Areas of interest in TH research


Dr T Bartosz Kalinowski
Faculty of Management
Centre of Excellence in Research “Knowbase”
University of Lodz
*email address protected* 

Assistant professor in Department of Operational Processes Improvement / Logistics at the University of Lodz with nearly ten years of experience in teaching and research.  Head of Centre for Scientific Research Quality KnowBase at the University of Lodz.  Lecturer in the field of process management and organisational improvement on MBA programs, postgraduate studies, full and part time studies at the University of Lodz.  Experienced project manager and researcher in several EU Funded projects (H2020, Erasmus and Leonardo do Vinci).  Visiting professor at: University of Roskilde, Denmark; University of Alcala, Spain; University of Riga, Latvia; Porto Technical University, Portugal; University of Valencia, Spain.  Certified Quality Auditor. Co-owner of an SME consulting company Umbrella Consulting Limited.  (former UNDP Umbrella Project) involved in implementation of quality management systems (business and public sector).  Author of two books and over sixty journal and peer-reviewed conference proceedings papers.

Areas of interest in TH research
Innovation management, entrepreneurship, academia-business cooperation.



Department of Zoology
Lahore College for Women University
*email address protected* 

Professor dr Farkhanda Manzoor is Post doctorate from the Ohio State University, USA,  She is ardent believer in the future of eco- friendly solutions to urban pest management problems in Pakistan.  She is known for her research on taxonomy, biology, and integrated management (control) of urban insect pests such as termites, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants etc.  She has introduced termite baiting in Pakistan and has been working with resistance to insecticides against mosquitoes, cockroaches and flies.  Presently, she is Chairperson at Zoology department, Director of Education, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore, and focal person for Dengue control Program and has worked for Dengue epidemic, surveillence, control, redescription of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes and detection of dengue virus from mosquitoes.  She is technical advisor relating to termite, mosquito and cockroaches issues for many companies.  She has published twelve books internationally, one monograph by HEC , contributed chapters in five books and has more than 150 publications at National and International level and has presented her research papers in conferences at USA, England, Sweden, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Veitnam, China, Australia, UAE, UK, Sweden, Switzerland etc.  Furthermore, she has completed six research projects as Principal Investigator from Higher Education Commission, WWF, FMC Corporation and Ensystex Australia.  She got Research productivity Award (2013) from Pakistan Council for Science and Technology and best teacher Award from Higher Education Commission, Islamabad in 2016.  As an academician, she has twenty-five years of teaching and research experience.  She has been imparting training to BS, MS and PhD students in the field of Zoology/Entomology/ Biodiversity.  She is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Innovative Science and Technology, LCWU.  She has written the first book on Mosquitoes in Pakistan “Mosquitoes the Urban Pests”. She is working as Chief Editor for the Journal of Innovative Sciences at LCWU.  She got Best University Teacher award by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in 2018.

Areas of interest in TH research
Innovation and commercialization.



Dr Nazakat Ali
Institute of Space Technology Islamabad
*email address protected*

A Chemical Engineer with Doctor of Engineering, and more than fifteen years of profession experience.

Areas of interest in TH research
STI governance, university and industrial infrastructure.


Dr Janine McGinn
*email address protected* 

Entrepreneur and educator.  Janine’s doctoral research thesis focused on HEI climate for creativity and innovation.  Specific research interest in policy and practice of new learning programme development and design within Higher Educational and further educational institutions in Europe.

Areas of interest in TH research
Higher education, creative and innovative climates.


Dr Xiao Peng
International Business
The Hague University of Applied Science
the Hague
*email address protected* 

Xiao Peng holds her PhD in the field of Managerial Economics from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands.  Xiao Peng works now as a lecturer and researcher in International Business Program, The Hague University of Applied Science, The Netherlands.

Areas of interest in TH research
Creative collaborations between academics and practitioners.


Judit Szakos
National University of Public Service
Sugár utca 13/A
*email address protected* 

Judit is a PhD student at the National University of Public Service (Budapest, Hungary). She studied public administration BA and MA and also graduated at the Corvinus University of Budapest as an economist of public policy and management (MA in English).  She is interested in many innovation related topics with focusing to the role of the state and importance of education.  She was a researcher at the “Innovative, learning public administation” research team EU founded project (KÖFOP).  Currently, she is the President at Association of Hungarian PhD and DLA Candidates, Section of Public Administration and doing advocacy as a delegate at the Council of Doctoral Students at the National University of Public Service.  For more information:

Areas of interest in TH research
Business incubation, startups, state’s role in innovation, role of education


Dr Sergio Carvalho
National Institute of Industrial Property Brazil – INPI
Rio de Janeiro
TH Chapter Brazil
*email address protected*

Bachelor’s at Economy from Universidade Federal Fluminense (1979), Master’s at Scientific and Technological Policy from Universidade Estadual de Campinas (1995), and Doctorate at Scientific and Technological Policy from Universidade Estadual de Campinas (2003).  Has experience in economy, focusing on technological changes, acting on the following subjects: technological innovation, intellectual property and agriculture, partnership and intellectual property, plant variety protection, innovation systems, intellectual property statistics.  As Senior Specialist in Intellectual Property acting at National Institute of Industrial Property Brazil – INPI, as Head of Economic Division Studies at Economic Affairs Advisory.  Act also at INPI’s Intellectual Property and Development Professional Master and Professional Doctorate Program.  Is responsible for the subjects Innovation and Development and Intellectual Property in Agribusiness.

Areas of interest in TH research
Innovation and intellectual property innovation and agriculture.



Dr Anna Maslon-Oracz
Holder of Jean Monnet Module AFROEU
Warsaw School of Economics
*email address protected* 

Anna Masłoń-Oracz (PhD) is a lecturer at three continents (Europe, Africa and Asia), based at SGH Warsaw School of Economics.  She is an economist and organizational behavior expert.  Dr Anna is a member of the International Women’s Forum, and Vice-President of Polish European Community Study Association.  As a business oriented researcher, Dr Anna has done analysis on how clusters influence regional development competitiveness from smart specialisation perspective.  She is involved in international projects in many countries in Africa concerning women empowerment, development of SME’s and regional innovation system to enhance the role and importance of regional innovation systems (RIS) in economic development and growth.


Laleh Raeisy
Shiraz University
Goldasht Moaliabad
*email address protected* 

I was born in August 1992.  I’m studying Educational Administration in Shiraz University, Iran.  I would like to research and study E-Learning, E-Mentoring, entrepreneurship and methodology and different software, especially analysis software.  I am a musician (percussionist and pianist) since 2008.  I have learned swimming professionally since I was seven.  Now I am starting to learn the German Language since four months ago and the last thing I would like to learn, I am interested in photography.  BA in Educational Administration and Planning MA in Educational Administration PhD Candidate in Educational Administration.

Areas of interest in TH research
University-industry relationship, qualitative research, regional development, and university generations.



Heleen Geerts
2281 SP
*email address protected*

Mrs Heleen Geerts (MsM) Project Manager, Triple Helix and Living Labs / lecturer THUAS, The Netherlands.

Areas of interest in TH research
Best practices, stakeholdership management



Dr Andréa Segatto
Federal University of Paraná – UFPR
Palo Alto
*email address protected*

Associate professor in the graduate, master and doctorate business course of the Federal University of Paraná – UFPR. – Coordinator of the Study Group on Management of Innovation, Technology, and Sustainability – EGITS. – PhD (2001) in Business Administration from the University of São Paulo – USP – Master (1996) in Business Administration from the University of São Paulo – USP – Bachelor in Business (1991) from the Federal University of Uberlândia – UFU. – Bachelor in Economics (1990) from the Federal University of Uberlândia – UFU.  Research interests: management of technological innovation, acting on the following topics: alliances, cooperation, and technological partnerships, social technologies, and technology transfer.

Areas of interest in TH research
Alliances, cooperation, and technological partnerships, social enterprises and technology transfer



Karla Liboreiro

Universidade Federal
de Minas Gerais
Belo Horizonte
TH Chapter Brazil
*email address protected*

PhD candidate in Technological Innovation – UFMG (2016-2020), Visiting Research Scholar at SCET – UC Berkeley (2018-2019), MSc in Business Administration – UFMG (2015-2016), Specialist in People Management – FDC (2012-2013), Psychologist – FUMEC (2000-2004).

Areas of interest in TH research
University-Industry interaction; University Entrepreneurship; Innovation



Annina Lattu
Tampere University
Nordenskiöldinkatu 3a A16
*email address protected* 

Annina Lattu is a PhD Researcher in the Higher Education Group, in Tampere University.  Her background is in management studies, business development, science communications and sustainability studies.  She is conducting her PhD Research on the effects private research funding has on openness of scientific knowledge.  Annina has conducted her Master’s Degree in Aalto University in the multidisciplinary Creative Sustainability Master’s Programme.  Before her academic career, Lattu worked as a business developer in a science communications firm, Kaskas Media, and built there a new research funding instrument called the Skolar Award – a multidisciplinary science pitching competition for postdoctoral researchers with a 100K € main prize.

Areas of interest in TH research
Open knowledge in university-industry collaboration, triple helix and sustainable innovation.


Dr Sophia Koustas
Southern New Hampshire University
United States
*email address protected*

Assistant Professor for Global Business and Leadership Department at Southern New Hampshire University (USA).  Has been teaching for the past ten years for undergraduate, graduate, and online courses at SNHU.  Fascinated when concepts taught are also encountered in real-life situations and projects.  Great interest in leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, corporate social responsibility, and biomimicry as these evolve in various industries.  PhD – Business Administration with a specialization in Industrial Organizational Psychology (Northcentral University), MSc – Organizational Leadership (Southern New Hampshire University), Grad cert in International Business and Arts Management, BM – Dual Degree in Music Education and International Affairs.

Areas of interest in TH research
University-industry partnerships, entrepreneurial programs, national innovation systems and models.



David Noble

Southern Cross University
*email address protected* 

Doctoral Researcher and Lecturer, School of Business and Tourism, Southern Cross University, Australia.  David Noble is a doctoral researcher and academic, focusing upon university-industry innovation collaboration, and in particular the intermediary roles played by various actors in university-industry collaboration.  His publications have examined the interaction between government policy and collaborative competencies, especially in university-industry research projects.  David has consulted to government in the area of concierge services for innovation entrepreneurship.  He is currently Course Coordinator for the Master of Project Management, and his PhD thesis in the area of university-industry research collaborations is currently under examination.

Areas of interest in TH research
Innovation; entrepreneurship; concierge services; collaborative competencies.



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