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New THA Peru Chapter endorsed by
Rector of the Univesidad Nacional Mayor De San Marcos



THA is delighted to receive the full endorsement from Dr Orestes Cachay Boza, Rector of the Universidad Nacional Mayor De San Marcos, for the setting up of the THA Peru Chapter at the University campus.
In early September 2019, Dr Boza delivered his endorsement letter to Eng Fernan Muñoz Rodríguez, confirming the commitment of the University to promote the Triple Helix Model at a national level and act as a catalyst of Triple Helix Interactions in the twenty-four Peru regions via their regional public Universities.
Eng  Fernan Muñoz Rodríguez , the coordinator of the Chapter, presented the Peru Chapter mission and plans at the THC2019 in Cape Town, South Africa, 9-11 September 2020, during the session “Opportunities and Challenges in Operationalizing the Triple Helix Model at Regional Level: the Experience of the Triple Helix Association Chapters”.
After the session, the THA President presented the official appointment letter to Eng Rodriguez for setting up the new Peru Chapter at the Universidad Nacional Mayor De San Marcos.

Presentation of TH Chapters at XVII Triple Helix CONFERENCE, Cape Town

On 9 September 2019, the TH Chapter leaders from Brazil, Greece, Russia, Germany and Perú presented their work, achievements and plans for the participants of the XVII Triple Helix Conference 2019, Triple Helix –  a Catalyst for Change, during the panel “Opportunities and challenges in Operationalizing the Triple Helix model at regional level: the experience of the Triple Helix Association Chapters”.
The panel session aimed at shedding light on how the Triple Helix model has been routed in different local contexts by the Triple Helix Association Chapters, in order to boost their innovation ecosystems.  Particularly the panel intended to elicit the blockages, break troughs and achievements faced and reached by Chapters in operationalizing the Triple Helix model including the different TH constellation and orchestration put in place, and the expected impact in the long term.
The panel was chaired by Dr Christiane Gebhardt, THA Board member.
Dr Adrian Solomon, leader of the TH Chapter Greece introduced their achievement in Greece and showcased the sixteen projects currently implemented following the TH concept.

Then, Liana Kobzeva, on behalf of the TH Chapter Russia introduced how the Russian President’s Decree has started creating world-class educational and scientific centers in the regions of Russia based on cooperation between universities and industries turning the Triple Helix model into reality.

Professor Klaus Sailer, representing the TH Chapter Germany delivered a presentation about the newly established Chapter in Germany and about their plans to attract and involve all the German entrepreneurial universities.

Last but not least, Professor Branca Terra explained how the TH Chapter Brazil works towards creating real impact in Brazil and working in a network involving the most relevant Brazilian universities in the TH concept.


Finally, Professor Fernan Munos Rodriguez highlighted how the TH Chapter Peru has been established as a real triple helix cooperation bringing together policymakers, academia and industry in Peru to boost the national innovation ecosystem in the country.

The session attracted much interest among the participants of the conference.  Based on the presentations and practical tips delivered by TH Chapter leaders, some representatives from the South African local Government have expressed an interest to learn more on how to create a new TH Chapter in South Africa.
We thank to all the TH Chapter leaders for their work and wish them good luck for the future.
Please stay tuned to our YouTube channel to watch the TH Chapter Introduction videos by Chapter leaders.




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