THA response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 emergency is hitting hard many  countries and regions worldwide  and we, astonished, are looking at this crisis with doubts and concerns, wondering how to re-take control over our life, work, economy overall, and how and when to cope with the consequences of the crisis, once the emergency will be ended.

The crisis is seen by proponents of an activist role for government as a cornerstone for new opportunities and, following this approach, the THA intends to mobilize its international community in different ways and with different outreach and engagement activities, herewith presented,  in order to find out how the Triple Helix Model could help our societies  to better understand,  handle and cope with the crisis.

THA research and engagement activities to respond to the covid-19

COVID-19 Special Interest Group

This new research group will join forces for creating a comparative analysis of the response to COVID-19 in different countries and regions worldwide, using a common and coordinated research  approach.

The scope of the comparative study is to understand the power of the Triple Helix model for mobilizing and orchestrating key stakeholders’ actions in order to cope with the COVID-19, and more in general with episodic dangerous pandemics, during and after the crisis. The study will look at the how (i.e. how  coordinated efforts of universities, governments and industries can lead to the identification of feasible and effective solutions during and after the crisis?) and the what  (i.e. what kind of resources coming from universities, government and industries should be coordinated to give a very fast response to the sourced cue that is coming from this kind of crisis?). The actual responses to the crisis in different countries and regions under the same situations are a massive “natural experiment”  that should be analyzed and from which policies recommendations can be derived.

COVID-19 Webinar series

A series of 1 hour thematic interactive webinars will be organized in order to present and discuss:

  • how the most affected countries are reacting to the crisis and how they are managing and implementing the triple helix (i.e. what is the role of the government bodies, industries and universities in different countries, or what kind of evidence can be found in developing the Triple Helix actions general and special approaches), as well as what lessons were learnt in different countries.
  • how different segments of the society in different countries/regions have been responding to the crisis, how economies should react to the shock produced by the massive locked down and how a social consensus could be built to address the crisis better.


Triple Helix Journal special issue “Triple Helix model of innovation to deal with Covid19 pandemic and future societal crises”

The Special issue is intended to indicate insights and viewpoints from scholars regarding short term normative model for policy making and  long term policy initiatives to stimulate the development of a civic culture for boosting bottom up Triple Helix initiatives for operations of large-scale systems on the COVID-19 epidemic.

The call is available in the current Hèlice issue and also here on this site.

Deadline for submission: 30 November, 2020

Hèlice COVID-19 collection

Short informal articles (2-3k words) will be collected and published in a devoted section in upcoming Hèlice issues. Articles should focus on:

  • how authors’ own institutions or other close organizations they have learned about, have reacted to the COVID crisis (i.e. which measures they have implemented, which resources they have mobilized/offered to the local community, how they have interacted/cooperated with other local stakeholders, which barriers to cooperation, lessons learned, ect)
  • how authors themselves have reacted to the crisis (i.e. impact on their family, job, social life, and related re-arrangements)

Articles can be sent by the following cut off dates

  • 28 May 2020 for June 2020 issue
  • 29 August 2020 for September 2020 issue

to Liana Kobzeva (*email address protected* ) and Sheila Forbes (*email address protected*) :


Respond to our online survey at the link below if you want to join/contribute to any of the above activities or others you wish to propose:



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