Webinar Series

Our latest webinar “Universities as (Responsible) Entreprenuership Ecosystems & Enterprise Hubs”, was delivered on 4th March 2020 in the framwork of the HLX4EU project.

Our speakers,  Milica Jovanović and Jovana Rakićević teaching assistants at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Department for Management of Technology, Innovation and Development (Serbia) and Justin Axel-Berg  researcher at the Faculty of Economics and Administration at the University of São Paulo (Brazil), showcased  successful university-entrepreneurship ecosystem as well as the challenges of embedding Responsible Innovation into this process.

After an introduction from the Chair, Dimitri Corpakis, former EC official and member of the THA board, offering an overview of the challanges Universities are facing for addressing thier third mission, Milica Jovanović and Jovana Rakićević presented the BBICC case: an innovative approach to the successful cooperation of the Triple Helix actors driven by university. The presented practice is a global students’ case study competition (ranked among the top 10 global competitions in the world) from a Serbian university that gathers university, business, and government. Business and Government offer real life cases to groups of students from top ranked international Universities, who are competing to find the best actionable solutions, thus generating a cascade of benefits for all the actors involved.

The second presenter, Justin Axel-Berg presented a research project in Brazil, initiated in the framework of the GEUM initiative, aming at the design of new metrics and multiple stakehoder indicators, for assessing Universities performance, better able to measure and evolve with constantly shifting social and political landscapes.

The research project culminated in the setting up in Brazil of the  National Forum of Indicators, a space that brings together senior managers of research universities in Brazil, with specialists and representatives from a variety of sectors of society in order to discuss and propose new indicators and new modalities and practices for using them responsibly.



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