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Cristina Godio

Mrs. Cristina Godio

Head of Funding for Research and Development

*email address protected*

Milan, Lombardy


Degree in Philosophy, Master in Entrepreneurship and Management. From 2009 she is Head of Funding for Research and Development at ISTUD Foundation, Italy’s first independent Business School that since 1970 has actively developed higher-training and management research projects ( She coordinates ISTUD’s International Public Funded Projects and has managed lots of complex international funded projects based on innovative researches and training activities in various EU and non EU countries, in collaboration with the World Bank Group, IFC and ETF. She managed several EU funded projects under different funding lines (Adapt, Now, Equal, Art. 6, e-learning initiative, LdV, Grundtvig, KA3)

Areas of interests in TH research

- aging and intergenerational skills gap; - youth and labour market; - management &legality; business ethic; - green management and substainability; - entrepreneurship and sustainable business; - health and well being; - innovative methodologies for leadership and management (ex. Leadership3.0; analogies and narrative training; etc); - SMEs, family business, IV° capitalism

Areas of competence and expertise in TH research

EU project management; Knowledge management; Entrepreneurship; Gender and diversity management; Evaluation Processes

Main works and publications

I pionieri dell'ambiente. La sostenibilità come nuovo modello di business - 2009 Evoluzione delle competenze nella sanità privata lombarda - 2008 Valutare i risultati delle politiche di conciliazione - 2006 Valutare i risultati delle politiche di conciliazione - 2006 Profili professionali e competenze emergenti nel settore Telecomunicazioni - 2006 eXploring e-Learning, exchanging experiences and best practices of European Management Education - 2006 eXploring e-Learning, lo scambio di esperienze e buone pratiche nella formazione manageriale in Europa - 2006 Building a Virtual Professional Community, the case of POOLWEB.IT the Italian Community for Management Professionals - Settembre 2000 La comunità professionale va sul web Management Consulting - Giugno 2000 Le esperienze raccontate dalle rappresentanti di istituzioni impegnate sui temi del genere - 2000 Developing the Professional Competence of Consultants Working for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises - Novembre 1998

Short CV

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