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Lucas Coelho

Mr. Lucas Coelho

Federal University Of Pernambuco
*email address protected*

TH Chapter Brazil


Holds a degree in Pharmacy from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) and has expertise as Industrial Pharmacist also by UFPE. He has Master degree by the Program of Post-Graduation in Therapeutic Innovation at the Federal University of Pernambuco. During the undergraduation and the Master has worked in the Planning Laboratory in Medicinal Chemistry (LpQM) of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Federal University of Pernambuco, in the area of organic chemistry with emphasis on planning, synthesis, purification and characterization of molecules in order to obtain novel compounds candidates to be anti-tumor and anti-inflammatories drugs. After the Master, He became Project Manager and after Industrial Director of a Brazilian company that develops products and process to sugar mills industries and for water treatments. There, he was responsible for manage (technically and financially) innovation projects, to give support for the intellectual properties protection (brand and patents) and to obtain funding for innovations at public supports systems. He was not alone, He had a great team of 25-35 people. He finished his doctorate in Chemical Engineering, on the Department of Chemical Engineering of Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) (Brazil). This work was also develped during one year at the LSRE-LCM laboratory of Engineering Faculty of University of Porto (FEUP) (Portugal). He works on issues related to energy and chemical enhancement of biomass (pyrolysis and gasification) and in the catalytic enhancement of the co-product from the manufacture of biodiesel, the bioglycerol. This obtained from processes of oxidation, acetylation and hydrogenolysis to produce molecules with higher added value to the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals. Dr Lucas Coelho has a strong interest in projects and research with the purpose of generating impact on society through technological innovation and has always been involved with the theme of Innovation: funding for innovation, innovation project management, technology transfer and intellectual property. He still holds an Especialization in Innovation Management - a partnership between the Government of the State of Pernambuco, FINEP and UFPE - aimed at training human resources to work with articulator between the triplehelix: private company, government and university, in order to overcome the barriers preventing better interaction between these actors. In 2015, he gathered 28 experts (people who speak about things that they do) and with a great team He organized the First and Biggest Workshop Oniline about technological Innovation in Brazil ( It had almost 5000 subscribers, 60 supports and reached almost 20.000 people! Currently, he has a PostDoctor position at FEUP and still working for the development of a more innovative ecosystem.

Areas of interests in TH research

Entrepreneurship; Technological Innovation; Funding; Intellectual Property (brands and patents); Technology Comercialization

Areas of competence and expertise in TH research

Entrepreneurship; Technological Innovation; Funding; Intellectual Property (brands and patents); Technology Comercialization

Main works and publications

Short CV