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Camilo Andres Montañez Aldana

Mr. Camilo Andres Montañez Aldana

*email address protected*



Young Colombian entrepreneur, launched my first Startup on 2009 about augmented reality, I'm Industrial Engineering from Sabana University in 2012, my first employee was on Maersk Line international shipment company, in a financial area, where I was made credit and collect and make projects. Here, I contributed to increase the collect of the invoice and make a manual for use of financial module on SAP. SAP FRC Next to these I had the opportunity to involve in on of the best healthcare companies about the eyes in the world, the Barraquer Clinic where found on of the principal motives to intro to THA because Barraquer have a cluster(or helix) companies inside it from his foundation more than 40 years ago actually I'm the executive secretary of one of these I work on Escuela Superior de Oftalmologia. 2013 to nowadays At the same time continue working on my entrepreneurial way with a StartUp based on virtual reality VR with the knowledge and expertise acquire fron the last 7 years as entrepreneur.

Areas of interests in TH research

Triple Helix Systems of innovation, Entrepreneurial University and Integration between three helixes.

Areas of competence and expertise in TH research

Integration between three helixes, Technology, logistic and Entrepreneurial University.

Main works and publications

Short CV