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Dr. Sari Scheinberg

Institute for Management for Innovation and Technology
*email address protected*



i am an American, who grew up in NY but now living and working in Sweden for the past 25 years. i have been developing and enjoying my work for over 30 years as a Gestalt (Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, OSD program 1984) and Organisation Psychologist (Columbia University (1981) Fielding Institute 1989) working as an action researcher, developer, educator, activist and innovator. Throughout my career i have been curious about and dedicated to enhancing awareness (using action research), development (by mobilizing stakeholders) to learn and create conscious relations and ways of working (forming learning alliances) in order to create changes, improvements and innovations identified and prioritized by the alliance. i have been testing, developing and applying the models and these methods of working in over 50 countries, cultures and contexts around the world. Knowledge, action research and innovations generated are in the areas that include: 1) redefining the university's role in society and in innovation systems -'the innovative university programs'; 2) exploring and ensuring the well-being, human rights and integration of migrants and the systems and stakeholders around them- for personal and relation development, for employment, new business development, citizenship and for ageing with dignity; 3) designing & driving a (Master level) Course called 'mobilizing stakeholders for sustainable development - using action learning, research and stakeholders in Universities to explore and develop interventions in local and regional issues, such as: in university's role in society, renewable energy, environmental changes, well-being, democracy, integration and human rights, etc. 4) developing, testing and validating a diversity sensitive Well-being model, method and measures for assessing, understanding, improving and supporting well-being as migrants age in second homes.

Areas of interests in TH research

Areas of competence and expertise in TH research

action researcher, analysis, designer, developer of models and methods for mobilzing stakeholders; facilitator for deep assessment and change for indvidual/team/group/organisation/society/innovation system development, writer, documentor.

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