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Mr. Scott Billadeau

University of Montana
*email address protected*

United States


With undergraduate degrees in both business and the arts, including a Masters degree in Music Technology and Composition, Scott served on the music composition faculty at the University of Montana from 1997-2002. He received a regional EMMY nomination for his PBS soundtrack to Silence & Solitude. Scott is also the founder of two companies, Liquid Planet and Planetary Design, and co-founder of HATCH (, a non-profit with a focus on mentoring the next generation while inspiring creativity and innovation in all fields.

Areas of interests in TH research

The regional economic impact of an 'entrepreneurial university'.

Areas of competence and expertise in TH research

Outside of my music technology experience, my background is in global supply chains and OEM manufacturing. My passion is interdisciplinary study and engagement.

Main works and publications

Short CV